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by Bguk73
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This is my first post so hello everyone!

I live in the UK and I have created a blog review site selling Amazon products. This was a new venture for me as I usually am a database developer but thought I would give Amazon affiliates a go. I spent a good couple of weeks scanning this forum for advice. The advice I found suggested that I should fix a mix of highly and mid priced items to help make a good profit.

However here in the UK we have a £7 commission limit per item. So would I be right in thinking that my high priced item can have a ceiling price of around £150 mark? If my assumption is correct do I still need to look for mid priced products?
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    Can I ask what I need to do to make my questions more appealing to forum members? This was a genuine question which got little or no interest
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      The idea is to have a mix of high-priced items for max profit and low to mid-priced items to get your sales numbers up so you achieve the highest percentage commission.

      I don't know how it works for the UK, but for the US program you start at 4%. If you sell X number of items, you move up to 6% on all items. If you sell XX items, you get an even higher percentage on all items.

      If you need to sell X items to get the full 7 pounds, then you should choose a mix of high and low-priced items to get both quantity of sales and high commissions.

      In addition, there's no reason not to promote items even higher than 150 pounds IF they are high quality products that are popular with consumers. It's good to promote different price points to appeal to different buyers.

      Hope that makes sense!
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        Yeah, the UK affiliate program for Amazon sucks. £7 maximum even if you sell a £1,000 product. The US affiliate program would give you $40 for the same sale, or up to $60 depending on the amount you sell.

        If you can sell higher priced items in volume, then go for it. It's still good to have a mix of prices, you just have to live with the fact that you get more than £7 for anything you sell.
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      Sorry... missed your original post.

      The Amazon UK price cap does mean that £140-150 is probably the optimum price point for affiliates. Our friends 'across the pond' can target higher priced items and make better commissions.

      To make good money at £7 a pop, you'll have to drive a serious volume of traffic to AmazonUK.

      The % rate paid goes up in tiers, e.g. sell more than 21 items in a month and you'll get an extra 0.5% on everything sold that month - still not a lot of dosh...
      This is where the idea of targeting some lower priced products comes in - hopefully increasing volume of sales thus increasing commisisons across the board.
      This works if some of your products are big ticket items, but for a £140ish product works out at about 40p more per item sold

      Their are other tiers at 51 sales and 401 sales each giving a further increase of 0.5%.

      US affiliates can review and promote very expensive products and get commission for the full amount...
      $2000 product @ 5% = $100 commission
      $2000 product @ 5.5% = $110 commission

      A very different ball-game to the UK...

      Give it a try if you like but don't forget that there are other UK merchants out there with better (un-capped) commissions and longer cookies...

      It's possible to make more £ by sending your visitors to some of these other merchants.

      Test and see...

      Nothing is set in stone - switch merchants as many times as you like to find the one that performs best for you!

      Best Wishes & Welcome to the WF,

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    Thanks for your reply and it does make sense! I still don't understand the UK commission structure as I made my first sale this week and my earning percentage was only 2.53 percent due to the £7 uk limit.

    GBP 276.332.53%1GBP 276.33GBP 7.00
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      Yeah, that kind of sucks :-). However, the best experience for the "visitor" is to see a wide range of products, from cheap to expensive. Then they are more likely to buy something. Whereas if you limit the presentation to only cheap or only expensive product, you might be limiting your total sales.
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    If I were you I would focus on the US market because it it a much much larger market and you can earn up to 15% on select items and there is not $ cap

    You can market to the UK also but your efforts are best directed to the US market from a dollar and market standpoint.

    Your correct in the assumption of the 150 Quid marker

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy
    Beginners get Started with AMAZON, we will give you a FREE custom made Amazon Site when you purchase hosting through us contact us at

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    I might not have to worry too much not made a sale since

    But patience is the key I am told! Even one sale proves it can be done
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    look at it this way - how often will you sell a >£150 product?

    not very often, is the answer in my experience.

    having said that, i don't target many high-end products.

    I'm marketing with Amazon UK because i live in England and the affiliate thing is a lot less competitive here - there isn't as many people doing it. Therefore, the search results are less muddy and you can rank better. Also I feel more comfortable talking to a UK audience than an American one.

    I'm doing alright - not brilliant, but alright, and I plan to grow it this year.
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    Thank you Kev for your reply. Its good to know I was along the right lines.

    I really started with amazon as a test as I build online stores and systems for my clients and someone asked me if they could make money with amazon. To be honest they were not so sure. Also with people saying you wont sell anything in the first 3 months I wanted to see if I could buck the trend.

    So to convince them I created a very basic blog with 30 or so posts and put it live in January. Testing the water so to speak.

    The person who asked just wanted to create something to suppliment their income so at this point they would be happy making £200 per month. Maybe mid priced amazon products with a £7 limit would be the right thing for that. Amazon has that trust factor I suppose. But now you have me thinking!!
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  • You know that you don't have to be an affiliate with their UK site just because you live there?
    Personally, I prefer to use the US site because they don't have a cap.
    The other day I sold an $800 product on and got a nice $56 commission. That wouldn't be possible using the UK system.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Just a thought is it possible to setup a US account and point to products on the UK site and not have the cap?
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    NO not possible unless that UK customer will purchase from the US site but then they have shipping and customs issues.

    Most UK customers will purchase from

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy
    Beginners get Started with AMAZON, we will give you a FREE custom made Amazon Site when you purchase hosting through us contact us at

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      I'm in the UK but am an affiliate of US-Amazon.

      The only products which UK residents are typically going to buy from (US) are products for which we're specifically looking and can't find in the UK (including at
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    At least I am pointing in the right direction! I will look into amazon us and also other affilates.
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