can i sell these domains?

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Hi warriors,

I was wondering if i would be able to double or treble my money with any of these domains if i sold them. I bought them a long time ago and soon they going to be for renewal. Should i let them go or would they sell? I thought id ask the pro's first. ( soccer/footbal game ) ( call of duty game ) (for local businesses )

Thank you
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    The last one seems to be a good one.

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    Why don't you build a simple wordpress blog around each of them. You could easily make an autoblog, build a few backlinks, then sell them when they're indexed. There are tons of WSOs that show how to rank a simple site then sell it at any number places.
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    Couldn't hurt to try. I agree the last one looks like a keeper.
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    I would be quite surprised if you can sell those for more then the renewal price to be honest with you.
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    I wouldn't even attempt to do anything with those first two. If you put anything on them relating to what they're about, FIFA and Activision could come after you for the domain and possibly more.

    The last one is okay - "biz" isn't as popular as people might think, and in general it doesn't look as professional as business in a domain. It's not a horrible name though, so you could do something with it. It's not likely good enough to sell without being developed however.
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    Honestly man, I think you will have a hard time selling them more than the renewal price. But just give it a try... We wouldn't know till you try
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      Personally, I would allow the first two to expire (I wouldn't have registered either, to be honest), but renew the third one imagining that one day I might do something with it, and that if not, I'd probably be able to sell it for renewal-fee anyway, so it wouldn't really owe me anything extra. I'd then probably sit on it for a year, forget about it, and have exactly the same problem again this time next year.

      I do agree entirely with Steve's comment about "biz", above (especially for a UK name) - otherwise I'd be more enthusiastic about that name. But still, it's not terrible. I'd renew that one, anyway.
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