If You Only Had $100 To Advertise?

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Hey Guys,

Just wondering the best way to advertise. If you had only $100 how would you advertise. I want to advertise a new opportunity.


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    Depends on what you are advertising.
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    It really depends on what it is, but i'd probably go with Adsense or Facebook ads.
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    Good question, I guess it depends on the market, the product, etc. After THOROUGH research I probably would run a small adwords campaign to test it out then do a direct to site media buy with the rest of it on one of the top sites under those keywords if the ppc campaign converts? Or just keep the campaign running and scale it up. OR Find low competition keywords and build a niche site targeting one or two of those keywords and grab unlimited SEO traffic.

    Just my 2 cents.

    "Successful people do the things unsuccessful people won't do" - (Somebody successful) :)

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    First of all you need to find where the buyers are for what ever you are selling find out what the demographics are what are the age of these people
    are do men or woman prefer this product how much money do they make when you know all this then you can advertize not before other wise your
    just wasting you money.
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    I would find ten people asking for money on the street .... offer them a meal at McDonalds if they would carry my sign around all day long .. meet them at six and feed them.

    Makes about as much sense as feeding untargeted advertising sources.

    To understand the campaign needed ,first we would need to know the demographics of your hungry crowd, oh yeah .. a product description would be nice, what type of capture, sales, landing you will be sending traffic to. You do know that a SEO landing requires different tactics as say a CPA lander.

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    Facebook ads....... If you can get one approved
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    Since my background was in sales I would recommend taking $100 spending it on a targeted business list and a phone and start cold calling buddy!

    I did it for 15 years! But I stopped because things change and now I need to learn about the Internet marketing stuff!

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      It really is an overly broad question. Kind of like walking into a supermarket and asking, "What should I spend this money on?"... you're not going to get a good answer unless you provide more information about what exactly you're looking for. Advertising is the same way - there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

      That being said, my personal advice would be to keep your $100 and instead focus on getting traffic from free sources until you're up and running.
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    You could do a great deal of Solo Email advertising for this amount of money. But, I would have to know what you are advertising. If it's a new opportunity just do what Jon said and go for the free sources and see what kind of response you get.
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    If I had $100 to advertise, it's either I will advertise here on Warrior Forum or to buy solo ads from those people with huge and responsive buyers.
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    I'd write a bunch of articles, post them on my site, put an invitation to one of my products and make a few thousand a week that way. I'd probably spend the $100 on Starbucks coffee.

    Frankly, I don't know how IMers who can't write make any money...can't imagine what hope I'd have with $100 and no writing skills.
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    Facebook is a tricky beast, they only want themselves and app devs to make any money
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    $100 isn't enough to bring in breakthrough results. You're better off using it for Google Adwords, and testing out your squeeze page to see if it converts well. From there, see if you can get 10-20 leads per day at a low cost, try different approaches when it comes to converting your opt-in subscribers into customers.
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    What marketing do you know? What have you mastered? Start there. if nothing then be very careful about PPC or other paid methods. You really want to get training that will teach you how to master one method and spend your money carefully.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd spend the $100 on my education and buy a course on a method of marketing that I wanted to try. Then implement it and master it.

    We can all give you advice..but you need to work with what you know and expand on that.

    Remember the key to marketing is not your opportunity, but rather figuring out your ideal customer/distributor...what are their needs, their problems and how can you provide them a solution.

    Best of luck!
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    I'd buy ads for my facebook fan page.
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    The most important thing is the potential customers. If you want to catch a kind of fish, go for where they are belong

    I am just an ordinary one, yet surrounded by extraordinary ones.

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    I think FB provides great target traffic. It really depends on your niche also. If there is some popular site in your niche, you could buy an ad spot from them. You need to be smart about advertizing. An effective advertisement campaign should be targeted solely towards potential customers, rather than the general public.

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    I would probably buy a solo ad from a buyers list
    that has proven good results.
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      pay per view for $100 you can get 10,000 visitors
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        Originally Posted by sexy sue View Post

        pay per view for $100 you can get 10,000 visitors
        I'd pass on PPV spent a lot to only see nothing good back from it.
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    Yup...solo ads, fb ads, try out Adsense or grand old daddy newspaper ads....
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    I suggest you buy some targeted traffic -solo ad or PPC
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    Agree, you can't do properly a campaign with a so little amount of money.
    Anyway, i would use facebook ads, just try to avoid usa or uk traffic if you are targetizing common features. So choose internationals cpa offers (if you are using them).
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    Raise about $50 more and you can purchase Tweet Attacks, which is an invaluable tool. You can post ads forever to your limitless followers you are able to acquire on complete autopilot.

    Then, as you're acquiring followers, you can place a gig on say Fiverr.com to blast out messages to your followers for others, and make back your investment. Or you could sign up for SponsoredTweets.com and do basically the same thing.

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    google adsense with voucher, you can buy it for less then 5 bucks
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