What was your first online venture?

by vjboc
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What was your first online venture? What made you start doing IM, Seo, websites or any other online venture?
How long have you been doing this?
Has it been successful for you?
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    My first online venture was promoting CPA offers on MySpace. I got into after I bought a course and learned what internet marketing was and how to make money with it. I signed up for CJ and started getting creative. This was 7 years ago. Today I do internet marketing full time and local SEO is a big part of my business now.
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    Originally Posted by vjboc View Post

    What was your first online venture? What made you start doing IM, Seo, websites or any other online venture?
    How long have you been doing this?
    Has it been successful for you?
    My first online venture is Plug-In Profit. Once you join the best, you won't think of others..
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    My first online venture is making a web design company and i am doing this continously and i havwe nade a lots of profits iwht this venture.
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    My own Hawaii travel website. started in 1997. Very successful.
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    I first started in 2010 and I think it was in the IM/Make money online niche. I mainly advertised using classifieds. I started because I realized the 9 to 5 thing wasn't for me and I wanted to have complete freedom in my life. I like the success I've had and plan on doing this for life.
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    Good question.

    I made a stupid (as I look back on it) site about how to make money taking online surveys.

    I laugh at myself, because even though I hadn't bought, I had been so convinced that you could actually make good money taking online surveys by some bogus review sites that I thought I should make a review site myself once I learned you could promote them as an affiliate.

    It made no money and I changed the site after a few months.

    Crazy to look back on that, now. Learned some lessons.
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    Originally Posted by vjboc View Post

    What was your first online venture? What made you start doing IM, Seo, websites or any other online venture?
    How long have you been doing this?
    Has it been successful for you?
    A crappy blog on blogger.com (FAIL)
    A "Turn Key Website (FAIL) it was run my dodgy mexicans who stole my money
    A video games business (FAIL) it was run by dodgy chinese dudes who stole my money...
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      bans in 2008 it was great at first
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        I built a gambling related affiliate site without actually having a clue what I was doing. It failed miserably, but I learned a lot and the bug bit.

        Now I'm doing online marketing full time (2 years after I started) and I'm still learning.

        Working is for people who don't know how to play golf...

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          My first venture was back in 2006 with a website about games console modifications and it also had a forum. It did very well considering the intention wasn't to even make money from it.

          I sold it a couple of years later and have never been able to create anything as successful since - not for one site anyway. It did have a forum that was attached to it and I would never want to have to manage another forum again...
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    my first blog about politics
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    My first one was with adsense and some simple websites . I'm now focussing on setting up an hosting company however!
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    My first venture was writing articles for Constant Content in 2010. That was rather slow, though, so I instead worked on getting private clients. I'm having a lot more success with private clients and I'm quite enjoying it as well. I intend to keep doing it while trying to find other ways of generating income, too.

    My ventures on the sides have included a product and a couple of sites. I've gotten some income on them, but certainly not enough. I'm still working on ways to improve the success of both.

    That's it so far!
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    I started with adsense (paid by clicks) in 2005... moved on to promoting affiliate products (paid per sale) in 2007 and the rest as they say is history (just did a big ticket item launch recently and made 7 sales... $1,000 commission each =P)
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    I first started off with eBay, and got baited and hooked with cookie cutter sites (pyramid schemes). Both were failures and lost my money.

    But best of all, through those experiences it lead me to the doors of Internet Marketing, and I've never looked back ever since.

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    My first online venture was on Ebay. After the first 90 days i had become an ebay powerseller. One month later i had became an ebay "top rated seller". I quit ebay though cause i wanted more of a lifestyle business... a business where i could sleep all day like a lazy sloth, and still make money without having to go back to a miserable job.
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      Started in 1997.

      Wrote an ebook about a stock investing method I came up with.

      Only way I knew how to promote at the time was AOL message

      Made some money, not a lot. Got kicked off a lot of message
      boards for spamming.
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    About 10 years ago, I wrote a short ebook about a small (very small) business venture I'd been successful with offline. I put my sales page up on a free Geocities site and used some less popular payment processor (not Paypal). Once I'd made a bit of money with it, I created a real website for it. It's still up and, although it doesn't bring in all that much, it makes money without my having to touch it. That's nice. :-)
    WritingThatPaysYou.com: specializing in health and home improvement.
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    I love the stories.. It's awesome to see that some started back as far as the 90's and still going strong. My first site was AllFineProducts.com It was a dropshipping site. It did not do well. I made one sale and it was to a friend and the product did not work. It was a CD alarm clock. He did not return it, but after that I dissolved the site. Then started a site called Top Us Stores. It was a CJ.com site. Then last year I started Qpricing.com and it was a good year for the site. It's slow going this year, but I enjoy working on it. I am looking forward to venturing into other internet stuf, just don't know what it is yet..
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    I had a few bans sites to start, which were great, as well as selling on ebay. I used to sell my artwork on ebay, but got to the point where I hated painting as it was all about consignment work, and not painting what I really wanted to paint. Haven't picked up a brush in about 7 years now.....
    Now I have a couple of blogs, and a direct marketing business which is 50/50 online & offline. Have stopped chasing shiny objects and have become focussed.
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    Started on eBay in 2005? (can't remember exactly!) Did real well re-selling designer stuff for a few years but it was a TON of work! Got into BANS and still use that idea today with other scripts. Got a lot to learn but make decent money promoting physical products via EPN today.
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    My first online venture was (and still is) being a Fiverr seller.I don't make money one could live by,but i get a pretty good income either way.
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    I was started as freelancer, started working on projects from Freelancer.com, oDesk and etc. Learned about SEO, started SEO business and got great experience and finally just now started a SEO Company - just two months old company,
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    Started back in '94 while I was still just a weee-lad. My first venture was (I'm proud to say) porn. I compiled a fairly expansive collection of, at that time, "expensive" to get but "free" products (some of you might not know this, but text files used to take longer than movies take to download to day). I sat on usenets all day at the school library and used their multiple 56k modems to download massive amounts of pictures and stories, then put them all together in a utterly horrendous single page html layout.

    I sold advertising on a per-client basis, custom fitting all their links (and sometimes banners!) for a set by-month basis. I didn't even update the content after I built the original site, just left it up for several years and had paychecks mailed to me. Eventually I sold the domain for a couple grand and wasted it all on sin, which I thought only fitting.
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    I think I was selling Ultima Online related items.
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    I tried selling a multi-level marketing program called Financial Destination Inc. (FDI) and it was not the right way to market it.

    War Room Member

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    My first venture was in 2010 with CPA marketing, i dont think i made any money with it
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    My first venture was back in 2008 which was an eBook I wrote about a gambling system I devised. The system was sound... but my marketing efforts were woeful and it didn't sell. Shortly after that, I bought a few info products which I repackaged and listed on eBay. Again, my marketing was woeful and surprise... they didn't sell! But I did learn a few things from my efforts!

    Since then, I've spent time out researching the business of internet marketing and learning how to do things properly. So hopefully this time around, I'll have a little bit more success
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