Filezilla problems.. possible fix or new client suggestions?

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So I just downloaded Filezilla onto my Mac and everything seemed fine until i tried to actually log on. Well, it wouldn't work it said:

Status: Connecting to
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message

And then i get "connection timed out." I'm a newbie so I'm completely lost. What should i do? Is there a fix? Are there any other FTP clients?

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    Are your connection settings correct? Have a look here: Using - FileZilla Wiki

    If they are, maybe you have a firewall that is blocking that outgoing connection...

    I use FireFTP, a Firefox extension - give it a try.
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      Here is the filezilla forum. They are the experts.

      FileZilla Forums

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    I am using FZ on my Mac too.

    Looks like either :
    i. Login info not set up properly
    ii. Your site is not fully propagated
    iii. Server problem somewhere

    Normally, ask for support with your host, and they would normally be able to help troubleshoot.

    That said, I think you can download the custom setting kits for each sites from you Cpanel (somewhere in the FTP setting area). Look into that

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    Is the port on port 21? Who's your webhosting provider? Have you contacted them about it? Are you entering the right values in Filezilla?
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      Yep I agree problem seems to be with something you entered not filezilla. Filezilla is a reliable FTP program to use.
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    just to be clear i wouldn't personally ask your host for support with Filezilla. I have found some e.g. Hostgator tend to give the standard 'we can't help with third party programs, sorry'. But you could ask for your FTP settings.
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    First, this also is a problem with Windows, not just Mac. Finally solved it 24 hours later after much searching on the web.

    Again, this is a solution for Windows...don't know if the same applies for the Mac. Anyway, i had to configure FTP settings in this manner:
    1. Control Panel
    2. Programs and Features
    3. Turn Windows Features On and Off
    4. Select Internet Information Services
    5. Select FTP Server (Both Options - Extensibility & Service)
    6. Select Web Management Tools > IIS Management Console
    7. Click on OK
    8. Control Panel
    9. Admin Tools
    10. IIS Manager
    11. Click on the Local Host Name
    12. Click on Sites
    13. RIGHT Click on Default Web Site
    14. Edit Bindings
    15. New
    16. Select FTP from the drop down menu
    17. Set the Port # to 21
    18. Click on OK

    You're all set. When you do go to Filezilla...I found that I had to enter the username in its entirety i.e.

    I understand that this may totally differ from a Mac...however, this may be helpful to someone else searching the forum.
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    I have a problem that was max sim. I was using port 21 and ftp, so I switch to port 22 and sftp and that one works for me. Try it out bro, let us know what is going on. Filezilla is not that easy. I also use core ftp which is more easy.
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    Try leaving the Port field blank.
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