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Hello everyone, I would like to know could I get a high ranking for a sales letter website that only has 5 or 6 pages in Google? If so, please explain...
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    You can if the page is set up properly. Keyword in the title and h1 tags. Keyword in the description of the page.
    Links in the footer for privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimer ect.

    You may not be able to rank on a bunch of keywords but you can rank for a few that are in the content of the page and other areas as stated above.
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      As a ClickBank vendor, this has been an interest of mine, also. In my case, I ended up deciding that I would be better off creating and ranking a separate site in the same niche (from which I can direct traffic to my sales page) instead of trying to rank the sales page itself.

      As I explain in my vendor startup guide, the requirements for a successful sales page are largely different from the requirements for ranking well in Google. So, instead of trying to do both with one site, I recommend having a separate site for each purpose.
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