Are people making money with Yahoo answers sites?

by AC21DJ
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I have a website that has been presented to me that is a google answers site. As with most who are trying to sell you something they say this site will make tons of money for me. I must admit he has a great sales pitch and the site looks well done but is there really a need for this service? I am not asking for how much you make but I just want to know if this is really a usefull service that people will pay for. Thanks
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    I heard it first time can you explain me about "making money with google answers sites" and what is google answer ?
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      Can you explain a bit more about this because I'm not completely sure what you're refering to. I have something in mind but dont know if that is what you're refering to for sure. I would appreciate it if you would explain more. Or perhaps I should look up Google answer sites.
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    same here...I am quite confused as to what 'google answers site' are you talking about...
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      First i have heard this, i think yahoo answers is worth your time more than google answers.
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    yep, I have little clue what you're talking about.
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    First of all I want to say that it was very late last night while I asked that question. I meant Yahoo not Google. I apologize for the confusion. Here is the main paragraph at the first page of the site. The service doesn't make sense to me. What do you think?

    Since Yahoo! Announced Yahoo! Answers, webmasters and business owners have been taking advantage of this new service to promote their business. It’s simple, someone looking for something you offer posts a question. And you answer them with your services, and since that’s exactly what they wanted, they become your user/customer. For a small business owner, it is much of a hassle to do marketing all by himself. And that’s where we come in !
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    The more I look at this website the more I think it is BS and just a way for this guy to take a newbies money buy selling a overpriced website that really does't have a service at all.
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