What CHROUTS have you bought?

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I saw a report on the news in the UK this morning about a guy who makes Chocolate covered sprouts so his kids will eat them.

This got me thinking. We have all seen super hyped up products with fantastic sales pages offering the earth and keys to the treasure chest with just a few clicks. But when you actually get these so called "Products" there are a crock of s**t. The outside is all shiny and nice offering a great experience on the inside but its just chocolate coating with a sprout inside!!!

So what products would you nominate as a Chrouts -(Chocolate Covered Sprouts)
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    My dad always taught me this, "Son If your cover Sheite with chocolate you will sell it everytime" I can still hear it clear in my mind today as he would have said it.
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      LOL, that's funny!

      I've bought my fair share of "Chrouts" - far too many to list without ending up in guru-bashing session
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