The **Kick Azz** Newbie Secret To A REAL 4 Or 5 Figure Monthly Income

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A few days ago Zeuss made thread about discipline &
focus and I felt my answer perhaps could use a thread
of its own to inspire newbies to look at the REALITY of
what it's like to make it online.

Here's Zeuss's thread. I encourage others reading this
to check out his thread too because it NEEDS to be said
and heard -- taking action is on your part.

What I share below is my experience. Not something I
learned from a Zig Ziglar book. This is what I remember
as a newbie and I hope it inspires at least a handful of
you out there.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Why Do Newbies Struggle, Fail To Take Action, Or Do
Any Of The Things Required To Run A Successful Biz?

...perhaps the problem is *discipline*.

...perhaps the problem is lack of focus.

Because success only comes with INTENSE focus for
LONG periods of time. Not hours. Not days. Not weeks.

...MONTHS before actions bear fruit. And occasionally

If they don't see the big results promised in less than
72 hours -- they ditch the business *overnight*.

Most actually *believe* in their head they can create
a four or five figure monthly income in less than a week.

Even sometimes I know THEY know it's bulls**t -- and
some tell me.

...but they WANT to believe they don't have to work
harder, focus more, and make grown up decisions they
didn't have to make when they were looked after with
a pension, 401k, benefits, and steady paycheck.

...perhaps it's easier to *believe* than to *achieve*.

If you think about it...

most of these people are watching YouTube videos, on
this forum, in other forums, scratching their butt...

and 30 days past...

...then 60 days.

...then 90.

Inbetween that time they could have a $2000 a month
business on auto-pilot, yet they're wasting time getting
upset because they can't do it in less than 7 days.

People are really not as *busy* as they make it seem.

...but they'll make time to go see a movie at a theater. on skype.

...or other miscellaneous activities we humans do when
we are BORED.

And bored of what?!

...when in all that time they've wasted they could have
been making SERIOUS progress -- because before they
know it they'll be kicking serious azz.

You're right Zeuss...

the key IS delayed gratification -- and is a few weeks
REALLY a heavy price to pay to build a lists into the
thousands to make thousands?

10 adsense blogs generating $200 a month each for an
$2000 residual income with NO or very little additional
work to maintain that income level after the initial effort?

Seriously? Is 30 to 90 days of concentrated effort to
pull this off too much to ask?

...because before they know it 90 days will come and
go -- and they'll look back and wish they'd done what
they procrastinated to do.

...but you can't turn back the hands of time. You can
only start from where you are -- and as long as you're
still breathing -- the time to start is NOW!

Some argue this work is *harder*, and that's where I
would disagree with you, Zeuss.

How much harder can it get to wake up to an alarm
clock, forced into paid servitude to support yourself
and your family?

...or dodging rush hour traffic?

...or working in a sweatshop if you live in a third world
country? paycheck to paycheck with little opportunity
to make MORE despite your desire to do so.

Because THAT is the alternative to working as many
hours as you like earning as much money as you want.

What more could you possibly ask for? A lottery ticket?

I have a soft-spot for newbies because I remember
fondly what I was like when I was one -- and I was
the SAME way they are now.

The difference is I CHOSE reality over fantasy...and
reality is, ironically, more exciting than fantasy because
if you operate in reality you can CREATE your fantasy.

...not the other way around.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. I'm always learning
something new myself and I don't want to encourage
newbies or more experienced marketers to chip in.
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