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by zardon
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I signed up to HostGator affiliates a long time ago and never ready did anything with them, or rather got nothing from them.

I don't really understand how the Hostgator affiliate system works and need a quick primer.

Here's what I need to know.

1. What are HG Campaigns and how do I use them? It says:

Campaigns are optional and can be used to help you organize the commissions you send us.
So are they just folders?

2. Coupons -- what do I do with them?

It says:

may create custom coupon codes which can be used at signup to give customers a discount
3. What are the best ways to promote/market this kind of thing, obviously Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are important.
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    1. No need to use to use if you dont understand it. You can simply promote with your affiliate link.

    2. You can create your own coupons to give discount to customers. If customer uses your coupons, you will get comission for it.

    3. There are many ways to promote offcourse social media is good way to start.
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    I personally want to try some offline marketing with hostgator or another reputable hosting company which has a solid affiliate program. I personally favor HG, though. These programs don't appear to be terribly different than most of the other affiliate programs.
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      Just promote using your affiliate link or by using a banner ad on your own sites or where you can get ad space.
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