What the ++++ am I doing wrong?

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Hi guys. I have a blog that's about 2 years old and no subscribers. I write on and off and for some good keywords, I show up on page 1 or 2 on Google, but no subscribers or even traffic for that matter. What can I do? I am losing all hope. Can you please look at my site and tell me if my blog is the problem? It's pretty general, and there is no niche. It's just about making money altogether.
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    see your sig.
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      Can you elaborate?
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        Originally Posted by ckbank View Post

        Can you elaborate?
        this is effectively the blind trying to lead the blind. why are you offering advice on how to make money when you don't make any yourself?
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          What you are saying makes perfect sense, but I've made money with the things I talk about in my blog. I am not making any with the blog itself.
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          Originally Posted by matt5409 View Post

          this is effectively the blind trying to lead the blind. why are you offering advice on how to make money when you don't make any yourself?
          Why don't you try making money is an area you know well until you get more experience.
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  • You didn't mention what words you appear on page one of Google for? Getting people to sign up or buy anything comes down to offering them something they want. This is a lot easier if the traffic coming to your site actually want to see what you have to offer.
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    Perhaps because you are trying to compete in the most competitive niche on the internet?

    Also...not to be rude...your site is rather bland. There is nothing there that entices me to want to read anything never mind subscribe.
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    Being on page one or two of the Google results for your keywords doesn't necessarily mean anything. You usually have to make it into the top three spots before you can get a significant piece of the traffic (assuming that there is even traffic for your keywords to begin with). You're getting discouraged way too early if you want to make it in this game.

    My suggestion is to start exploiting other traffic sources so as to be less dependent on Google.

    Originally Posted by ckbank View Post

    there is no niche. It's just about making money altogether.
    That's a niche. :p

    Edit: Just saw your most recent post about reaching #2 in Google. Still, that's no guarantee of solid traffic. There are a lot of other factors at play here besides just your Google rankings.
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    Well initial thoughts of your page are.. it's boring.
    It's way too plain, you should have some kind of newsletter too that people can "opt-in" for.
    Maybe a different theme?
    Different colors, more shapes, some useful widgets.
    Facebook Like/Share .. Twitter .. Google +1.

    That's a good start.


    I noticed you've got a PR 2... do a bit of backlinking within your niche community, provide value to their communities, put your link in your profile and in your signature if they allow it.
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    If you're on the front page of Google in the top 3 positions and still not getting any traffic from those keywords, then change the title or description or both to something that will make them want to click on it.

    I know from experience that a vague make money online blog or even a boring looking blog doesn't matter to succeed. I own a few, hehe.

    How's your content? If it has no value to your readers, then there's one of your biggest problems.

    Also, make sure you're using several different methods of getting traffic to your site and networking with other blogs in the same type of niche. Including blog commenting, social media and participating in forums. Let people know you're blog is out there.

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    You have great content, great articles, great keywords.. But you doesn't have an appealing blog-page, what's the point of building up a blog which doesn't convert into money? The reason why you started a blog is because you want to make money with it (So what if you have traffic to your blog BUT can't make any money with it)..

    Take a look at Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Blog perhaps you can learn something here..

    Hope this help, God bless you,
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    you need some backlinks to your site...

    one of the problem could be that your blog is too general already...try to be more focus...focus on long tail keyword might help
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      You have great content, great articles, great keywords..
      Are we looking at the same site?

      The OP has a section on "how to sell on ebay".

      The first part of the article is

      that's right. You really can start making money on eBay today. You just need to know how. I will tell you how you can start making extra money on eBay starting today. I did repeat myself a little didn't I? Well, this is something for the search engines. Get my drift...
      OK, let's start...
      That rest of the article is TWELVE lines of text that say:

      1. sign up for ebay
      2. find a product
      3. learn to sell it

      No real info, no advice, no tutorial or tips or even links to detailed information - just general "learn it and do it and you will make money".

      Also - no buy links, no ads, no products - how is this site supposed to be making any money?

      If you did make money with the widely varied methods you talk about on the blog - might be best to go back to making money that way.

      Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    You need a call to action. There is nothing on your page that says "put your email address here to receive...." If you add a sign up box to your front page, you can start to build a list and then you can email your list with opportunities, notification of new blogs posts etc. Get some interaction going with your readers. Then you may be able to get some results.

    Also, how are you checking your rankings? Unless you are using something like pagewash or scroogle or a piece of software like Market Samurai you are not going get a true reading of where your site is. When I search "freight broker" your site is not even on page 1 in the search results.
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    venturalist is such a strange meaningless word to my eyes and possibly to others too. Added to that the site is very dull and the heading is especially uninspiring - it needs some hot colors in there and/or some images to illustrate the postings. Also, you mentioned not getting subscribers but I couldn't find anything on the site to prompt them to subscribe.
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