A New Section on Warriorforum For Sharing Your Success Stories

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I am a member of BringTheFresh forum (bringthefresh.com/forum) and it is a very nice forum with lots of people making money there through small sniper kind of sites.

On that forum, there is a section where people share their success stories. I love visiting this section of the forum and reading the stories shared by people there.

I think even Warrior forum should have such a section because it can be highly motivating and inspiring to read about successes of other people.

So, if we have a section devoted to such real-life stories, a lot of newbies and struggling internet marketers may find their daily dose of inspiration from reading such posts.

I find it refreshing to read success stories of others as it helps me overcome frustrations and disappointments I might be feeling when I am working on a project and things are not going exactly the way I want them to go.

Another benefit is that many times we might get a new idea by reading other person's story. Our creativity might be kickstarted during such moments of inspiration.

In fact, there are many forums where there is a section devoted to success stories from members. So, why not on Warrior forum? I definitely think it is a good idea.

Just browsing such a section everyday for 10-15 minutes might do good to lift our moods and provide hope and inspiration to us.

Fellow warriors what do you think?
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    I think it would be a good idea - it would help get the forum better organized as well. The more organized a forum can be the better!
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    Reading success stories is a great way to motivate ones self. If one is feeling down and disheartened about their online business, there is always a success story that can return positivity into the mind!

    I don't know if there is a need for a separate forum though. There are quite a lot of popular success story threads with a lot of posts that one can access merely by using the search feature on this website. It might take a little bit of effort, but there is a lot of motivation buried deep in this forum!

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    I think this forum fits the bill:
    Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement
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    I think that most people who used that part of the forum would be the crowd who notoriously tries to "fake it until they make it", to give themselves some kind of credibility for their offers.

    The people who don't have to fake it would generally ignore it, unless they get their kicks rubbing their success in the faces of others...

    Regardless, the people who would post new threads there would generally - but not always - consist of people who I would not care to emulate.
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    Though I think it would be a great section on the WF., giving inspiration to "budding" Entrepreneurs., I also agree with Bill Platt, that it would lead to many Unscrupulous types to wildly hype up their earnings for their own personel gains...
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      Yes I think that the fakers would be the main ones to use a forum like that too.

      Nearly every day you get posters in this main forum saying that they have made their first sale/$100 etc. or those that have been having success with a strategy and share it. That's where most of us would see these success stories and it's nice to see them interspersed amongst the 'got a problem help me' or 'I'm giving up' posts. Makes it a more positive place.
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    We don't need any more sections. It's hard enough keeping track with all the sections we have already. I like it just the way it is. ; )
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      There's a difference between the BTF forum and this one. The folks in Kelly Felix's forum are generally all following the same system, and are paying members of the site.

      Here, there are dozens or hundreds of different systems, many in direct competition. I think a "success story" section would quickly turn into a quagmire of promotional mud and the true success stories buried quickly by the thinly-veiled ads.
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    While on the bring the fresh forum it is a great idea and works very well I don't think it would work so well here. I think it may be a case of different size and type of client base...
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