The Best Way to Get My Video Seen?

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Hey Guys,

I made my first video ever and I wanted to know the best free and paid way to get maximum exposure. It's a video about my network marketing company.
Can anyone help me with this, please?

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    Hi dbmorgan,

    I would suggest uploading to you tube, or for better exposure use TubeMogul which will let you submit to more than one video site.

    Get on Twitter and tweet about your new video, if you have enough followers that are targeted your onto a winner.

    Share it on Facebook, Linked In, social bookmarking

    This is just a few tips, Good Luck

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    Hi Dan,

    You will get inputs on where to share those vid for sure, with common places like in youtube, share in FB, your website, and email your list.

    but, what I will tell you is you need to create more than 1 video to get better exposure for the message you want to share. Normally, just having 1 vid won't cut it

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    syndicate for free on vid syndication sites (google them)
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      Here's a great YouTube strategy.

      Create a lead capture page for your MLM business.

      Now create video reviews on virtually every company you can imagine and pitch your site as the solution to why they have been failing in network marketing.

      Post your link in the description box of your video and tell people to click on it at the end of your video.

      Do this times 100 videos and you'll have a big fat list.

      Hope this helps,
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    Make sure you choose a keyword and optimize your video so search engines will rank it. Videos rank way easier and faster compared to articles. Another is to share them on social media sites. Always important to have a strong presence there. Another is you can share this on emails like in your list if you have one.

    Another good one is to sign up for tubemogul which is free, and you can upload your video there and will automatically upload up to 20+ video sites. Just be careful about adding affiliate links since they are pretty strict with that and will shut you down. Just do the basics, and you will get people to watch your video.
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    For free services

    Yahoo! Video
    AOL Video
    Google Video
    MySpace Video

    For paid, i always used services from people i know in the market, try to search for top rated services or products in the WSO section
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    Metacafe has a large review panel, you get a lot of views quickly, but they might not be your targets.
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    First of all make sure the video has lots of great content and call to action. Manually upload to YouTube. Then submit using Magic Submitter.

    Make sure you use the keywords you are shooting for first in the title. The first line in the description needs to be the link to your site, which you have a nice big arrow pointing down when you tell them in your video to click the link.

    Make sure you write a compelling description using your keywords. And do the same with your tags.

    To get a YouTube video to rank high you need views, comments, thumbs up. You can buy these but you must beware of bot software. I will PM you who I use since I cannot post links here. The service is free and gets results.

    I get excellent conversions from YouTube.

    Go Get 'Em
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    I hope it goes viral!

    Sara Nightingale
    Customer Service Edge LLC

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    There is just simple and very good way to exposure you web site like Youtube. I prefer you just about youtube...
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    Upload your video to Youtube than start promoting it on social networks like you would do with a website or webpage.
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    I'd SEO it for your network company name. Go and see what searches people are doing for your company and you may find some good queries that people are asking and your video can answer.
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    submit it to popular video sharing sites and get a joint venture with someone with a huge list.
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    Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Make sure you support it with social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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