WSO Sellers: Increase Your Conversions with this SIMPLE Tip

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Simple Tip to Increase WSO Conversions

This is a very simple tip (almost too simple) that will increase conversions on your WSO sales pages.

Your eyes are trained to look for a headline at the top of the page. When you send a visitor to a WSO, instead of seeing your headline, they see the Warrior Forum header, which is filled with all sorts of distractions.

Here is what they will see...

The headline is way down at the bottom of the page! You want your headline to be the FIRST thing that a visitor sees, not the third or fourth!

There is a very simple fix to this.

When you mail your list to let them know about your new WSO, most people either send them straight to the WSO URL or use some sort of cloaker that sends the visitor straight to the WSO URL.

Stop doing that!

Instead of the direct page URL of the WSO, use the URL of the first post, which is where your sales page begins!

That URL is found by clicking the "#1" in the top right corner of your post.

Once you do that, copy the URL that appears in your browser's URL bar. THAT is where you want to send traffic to! It's just a simple anchor link on the page that tells your browser how far to automatically scroll down when the page loads.

See the difference...

Now, your headline is where it is supposed to be... at eye level! It is the first thing the visitor will see! No more distractions!

See, I told you it was a simple tip! If you agree, post a reply that says, "Man, why didn't I think of that!"

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