Would you consider this WSO-worthy?

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So I'm low on cash and had an idea. I own 13 niche sites - all are based on CJ.com affiliate programs so... you know... web hosting, email marketing, payday loans, etc. I have 10 reviews, around 500-600 words for each site. They for the most part have an intro, features, pricing, and conclusion. All are completely unique and only on my site. Are these articles worth selling as something along the lines of PLR? 130 articles (actually have around 140-ish)... would that be worth selling? How much - $49? $79? Would it be better to limit it to 25 sales? 50? Any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated.
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    Around 50$ would be a good start imo
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    Originally Posted by resellcells View Post

    So I'm low on cash and had an idea.
    That usually means no, it wouldn't be WSO worthy.

    LOL.. in all seriousness, I think you could sell this, and do pretty well with it. I have never got into the PLR game, so I can't offer much guidance in that area but I can see the potential in it. Go for it.
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    With 140 articles you could break them in to eight or ten article packs and sell them on average of a buck an article... If the material is good. Don't throw them all up in the same offer. That would be a waste.
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    You want to sell the entire 130 articles as a bundle, or will you be selling them in packs of 10? You should google search some of your plr competitors. Generally the cost for plr articles on these sites range from $5-$10. Do you want to offer $49 dollars for the whole 130 articles that you have?
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    Hm, okay, I could break them up by niche. How do you feel about limiting the sales? Thanks for the feedback so far all! )
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