My best open rate on an autoresponder.

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Lol I was thinking just now about open rates to autoresponder emails. About ten years ago I had worked a 20 hour shift at the hospital. Flu season and bad weather made it necessary. I was coming home and I was stopped for drunk driving, well if anyone knows me they know my temper.

When I was stopped I thought the cop would see my scrubs, I also showed my timecard and say be careful. He did not and was a jerk.

To make a long story short, somewhere in there I told him. "why are you giving me such a hard time your wife doesnt when I'm with her."

Needless to say I ended up in jail. I remember it so well. He wasn't going to let me blow, so I kept yelling let me blow or let me go. He must of made me blow 30 times, he couldn't believe I was sober. I said a couple more choice words and he said you don't have to be intoxicated to be booked. I was booked.

That was a 10,000 dollar lesson but I earned at least that much for it. I was launching a product at the same time. I was due an autoresponder email blast.

So in the heading I put..........I just got out of jail can you believe it. I had a 88 percent open rate lmao.

Just something to share. Get yourself put in jail for an extra profit.

P.S. the ending to the story is they tried me for drunk driving. I got mad at the Judge and he gave me two years probation for Obstruction of Highway.
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