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I have my very first baby on the way and it is supposed to be here sometime in April (Shameless self-promotion and not just a little bit of pride showing through here) and as such, I have found it beneficial to return to Internet Marketing as a means to supplement my income.

For most of us, Google, Facebook and other such sites are not only a convenience but a very real necessity if we are to continue earning a living. However, some of us may not want everybody to know when we are using certain sites, like when I visit the flash game sites to play pac man or other such sites ... well okay, it may be best if the wife did not start seeing ads for online poker either but that is a different story. As such, it is necessary to keep well informed about the recent changes in many privacy policies and terms of service and the like. Google will in fact, be tracking anything and everything "your computer" does on the Internet while you have any of their programs or services open. As such, many of us may want to have some alternatives to use and some help retaining what little privacy we can online when we are not working. As such, I have put together a list of some very helpful websites. There are no affiliate links and I am not in any way associated with any of these sites.

Search Engine Privacy Tips

Electronic Privacy Foundation

Comprehensive List of Search Engins ... Very Handy and well organized

And one of my favorites


Hope it helps someone.
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    Considering the amount of searches that people carryout everyday, and the straight forward module of search engines, i guess that who ever doesn't like google anymore will simply switch to yahoo or bing!

    Still, good list!
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    My traffic has not suffered since moving away from google. I use other ppc's as well as other traffic sources

    To tell the truth I think I have saved some money and gotten the same amount of traffic since getting away from GoogleGod.
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    Originally Posted by textbooks View Post

    There is no alternative..sorry
    For most of us, Google, Facebook and other such sites are not only a convenience but a very real necessity

    Yeah, that would be why I said that LOL But for some of us, keeping our private lives private and our public personas prevalent, there is still a need for alternatives in one or the other. Given that it is not an option in our work, it may be viable in our personal activities on the net.

    The point was to give people some options for personal use, not necessarily that any of these is going to overtake Google's averaging around of eighty percent or so of the organic traffic we get on our money sites.

    Yes I really am giving away homes and vacation packages in the Philippines. Ask me if you want to know more.

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      Thinking about privacy updates that Google is going to bring this spring, I am thinking that it is going to be great demand for companies, services teaching people how to protect their information in Google, Facebook and other 'social media' sources. I think that could be pretty nice niche for next couple years. Take it, guys and use it! Sharing my idea with anybody who is interested.
      Can I Haz A CheezBurgr?
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    I used to use Google Adwords, and get pissed off when i lost my account for not apparent reason ( I am an advertiser ?! ) but since then i found much more efficient PPC that made me feel sorry that I didn't leave adwords earlier.

    Google is not the only search engine, and honestly the G+ results is really bothering me and I am sure bothering others as well. I do see unbelievable results. Common just because someone like something and happened to be in my cycle doesn't mean his result should always shows up first.

    I am sure 99% of users didn't bother to read the changes, after all we all want to access our Gmail, and big daddy Google didn't give us change (The only button available is "Got IT"), so yes Mr.Google, we all got it
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    The minute a better alternative comes out, im switching. I dont like the fact that google keeps so much of my data, bans my adwords accounts for ludacris insane reasons and shows crap results some of the time.
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