1 week, 3, reports, 3 ebooks, 4 sales letters, now what? Your opinions needed

by Corwinnx 10 replies
Hi warriors,
I need some advice here. In less than a week, I wrote 3 reports, 3 ebooks, 4 sales letters, and 2 squeeze pages for a 'series' of products on IM.

I built all the backlinks and affiliate links into each one and have given Master Resell Rights to all of them. Now I am at an impasse.

I've thought about trickling them out one at a time, have released a couple of wso's with only so-so results, or, I could release all of them as a package deal.

What would be my best course of action here? Obviously, I want raise quick capital, so I'm leaning towards offering up the whole series as a package deal. What are your thoughts on this?

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