What is more important for you when buying a wso?

by bkdubs
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I started this poll to know more about what makes you buy a WSO.

We are developing a software to help you get the best price for the WSOs you're interested in.

That's why we want to know what's more important for you as WSO buyers.

Your feedback is welcome

Brian and Lionel
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    Has to be something I need for my business
    Has to be from someone I recognize from the forum Main Discussions and that I respect and trust.
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    What Suzanne wrote. Plus, I would add that I buy WSO's these days to learn about areas of IM that I need to know more about - not so much to find ways to make money. So I end up buying a lot of them just for the info value, knowing I'll not likely put it to use directly. So my motives might make my poll answer (The Author) less applicable to most WSO buyers. I dunno.

    I also buy probably 5 WSO's at least every month purely because I know my list members like the topic and might find something useful in one of them. Sadly, I only recommend maybe 2 out of every 10 WSO's I buy to my list. I have a pretty high standard of quality and usefulness to make that cut.

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    There's no one factor for me. It's a combination of:

    1. Is the product potentially something that I'm looking for or will help my business?

    2. Does the author have a good reputation?

    3. Is it a good deal? It doesn't have to be dirt cheap, but it has to represent good value for money.

    4. Are the reviews good. By this, I don't mean looking at the first few reviews that are often fake, but real reviews that come in after a week when real people have had a chance to test out the product.
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    In my opinion its the author and the topic. Price is not really an issue because I believe that you pay more for higher quality. The reviews are not that important to me because almost every product has good reviews and people can outsource reviews.

    I chose the author because they must be a well known marketer that has an established reputation in a niche. If the topic relates to the current type of marketing that I do, then it will draw my attention more.
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    Priority: Something you actually need, then cost.
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    Interesting replies on author, I have been around a lot of places other than Warrior including being a moderator on a popular forum. Looks like I need to spend some more time here with you guys/gals (not saying that's a bad thing )
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