40 page views per day, no traffic. What's the deal?

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Hey Everyone,

I've got my first website getting organic search traffic, 40 hits per day in the gout remedies niche. The problem is, I'm not seeing any sales. I've got page one for 5 different keywords (several are in the number one position), and I think they're good buyer keywords. I've also got what I think is some valuable information on there, a good product review, and the product itself seems pretty solid to me. It seems obvious though that I'm wrong about one or all of those components.

Would anyone experienced mind checking it out and telling me what the problem is? Let me know and I'll e-mail you the site URL so I'm not broadcasting it to the world.

Thanks a lot in advance. You guys are awesome.

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    You're gonna need more than that. Put in more effort and don't rely on one traffic source. Try developing a social media presence. It's free and powerful. Also, you can do video marketing or article marketing. As for seo, you're gonna need a good amount of seo optimized articles to see significant results.
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      Awesome, thanks for the advice. I hadn't really considered social media for this kind of niche, but I'll start brainstorming on how to make that happen. I'd "officially" thank you, but I don't have enough posts yet to see a button for that. I'll come back once I do
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    Haha, apparently the magic number for a thanks button to appear is five.
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    Try creating a simple youtube video for every article you have- that can double your traffic or more, and simple informative videos have done really well for me. Build links to them and they're a lot easier to rank than your own pages.
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    Cool. Do you just use a voiceover and some images?
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    social media and video marketing also helps to GET KNOWN which is important for sales.

    Also, as you are getting traffic, why don't you put a opt in form to capture leads? You know, MONEY IS ON THE LIST & 1 subscriber equals $1 per year.... Enjoy. :-)
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      Yes, the money is in your list. You might try offering FREE products first to get people to sign up.
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    Awesome, these are great. I'll get an opt in form with some kind of quality report for incentive on there.
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    My approach to this niche would basically be to give away a free helpful ebook on that topic, and then create some form of relationship with these prospects, before pointing them to the paid product.

    This way, I'd be building up the element of trust. This is what breaks down the sales barrier of your prospects.

    Dann Vicker

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    Great point Dann. I'd been wondering if this particular niche needed a special approach since gout isn't usually something people are rushing to spend money on. I appreciate the advice.
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    Are you sure its not your own hits?
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