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Hey Warriors,

I'm looking for some good resources with info on Up Sell, Cross Sell & Down Sell.

I've just set up a new site with several products for sale and wonder what kind of items and what I should be offering.

I currently have 2 videos selling for $37 and a bunch of ebooks at $17

My thoughts were on the thanks page once they have made a transaction:

- For those buying videos give a 25% discount on next purchase

- For those buying ebooks offer both the videos for $60

Would that be enough? Or should I create a special product only available to those who purchase and try and upsell them there?

Any thoughts on strategy for succesful tips on the back end would be greatly apreciated!
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    Have you considered putting together several different back end offers and split testing to see which brings you the best results? I think the suggestions you have here sound great, but really you won't know for sure which one will work best for your audience until you give it a try and test it yourself.

    Just curious what niche are you selling these product in? Sounds like you've been selling a fair amount already and are just trying to monetize the back end (which you definitely should be). You always have the most attention from your buyer right after they make a purchase so you definitely should be doing what you can to maximize the purchases on the back end.

    Also, are you moving customers from a "leads list" to a "buyers list" after they've purchased from you? Once they become a first time buyer they're much more likely to purchase from you again in the future, assuming you delivered as expected on your original product.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I hadn’t and I think I will try! Good idea.... I’ll think up a couple and go from there.

    Niche is music production, Sales have been good so far but looking to maximise what I’m getting.

    Yeah – my shopping cart software automatically integrates with my email client – so it’s been doing this ...

    Is there anything else I should / could be doing? Should I be engaging more frequently with those who have purchased with other offers?

    Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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    Great niche! Are you into music production yourself? If so, you actually have a huge advantage here. I would be mailing out "tips" on how to do things with certain software/hardware, and at the end put your affiliate link to the product you used.

    Music production is a great niche for this to work in. You probably know that a lot of music production software is essentially the same. Even the low end stuff can do a lot of the things a high end product can, it's just usually more difficult to do it with a cheaper product.

    So when you send out a tip on how to, I don't know say "Make Crazy Dub Step Bass Noises," you can do the tip using Cubase (available for $469 on amazon), but your readers can use the tip with most any software they use.

    You can even mention it in the video: "This tip will work with most any software you just might have to do some searching to figure out how it will work for you. I USE CUBASE but that's just what I'm used to." Send out enough good videos with good content and I guarantee you sell enough copies of Cubase to put some food on the table

    This not only could work with software but of course samplers, microphones, amps, modules... the list is endless. Hope this helps a little bit!
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    This is when you try to get the customer to spend more money with you. This might be a more expensive model of the same product or adding extra features and additions that relate to the product they are buying. This is best done BEFORE you give them access to the original product. GoDaddy are a good example of this.


    This is when you try to get the customer to spend more money by adding more products from different categories to the original product being purchased.


    This is when you offer your prospect something less expensive when they turn down your original offer. This might be a discount on the original offer or a less expensive version of the original product.
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    Hi Eric,

    Sounds like you know a bit about production.

    I’ve been producing music for about 8 years now, yeah.

    I kind of already do what you do – I create tutorial videos and post them on a blog, which I also sell products on.

    The thing about the software is unfortunately piracy is rife, so selling it probably is’t an option... But creating products around using the products seems to be the way forward. Also as you say it’s all pretty much the same so teaching it isn’t too hard.

    Thanks for the tips.



    Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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