What is the most annoying thing in IM

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We have talked a lot about IM but what is the the most annoying factor when comes to IM?
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    The same old crap being re-hashed and released to the public like 10 times over. Different ecovers etc. Gets annoying
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      Oh yeah, we have seen to much product of the same kind except with different branding, wow buyers are cheated nowadays into buying the same stuff and worse of all..some don't realize it.

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        Seems that every single guru is willing to share the secrets of his success.....for $19.95.
        $5,000 per month by Jan 2009 - Will I succeed or will I crash and burn?
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          Originally Posted by wandererw View Post

          Seems that every single guru is willing to share the secrets of his success.....for $19.95.
          Hoho, thats the best shit ever, I never understand this kind of deal. Its just too "generous"

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            • People who start stupid threads like this.

              People who buy these products, get exactly what was promised, never use them, and then bitch that they didn't make it big like the guru.

              Stuff is rehashed because it doesn't change over night. If you look at ebooks from 5 years ago, to ebooks now, yes, they are wildly different. If you look at ebooks put out 2 weeks ago, and then 2 days ago, yeah, its probably going to seem rehashed.

              There can only be so much new content. Go read 50 different real estate investment books in borders, I bet you get some rehashed content, and I'll bet every one of them promised something new and amazing, but no one bitches about that.

              I can't stand when people say that they didn't get what was promised when they clearly did.

              I make over $20,000 a month using adwords, writing articles, getting joint ventures, using sales copy techniques, viral marketing, selling ebooks as an affiliate. I really do, I can prove this on the spot to anyone.

              I also sell a product saying, in more specific detail, how I do all of this.

              Guess what? So do all of the "gurus". Those guys really are making millions, doing EXACTLY what they tell you. There isn't some big secret. Frank Kern REALLY does make millions of millions launching products, and he sold Mass Control, telling you how he does it. And... IT REALLY WAS.

              Mike F. makes lots of money with his exit-sales grabber program, and he promised if you bought it and used it on your page, it would help grab some extra sales. And it really does.

              Bleh, I could go on and on and on, but I'll leave it here.

              Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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