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If you were planning to set up a site like elance and others like it, where you're central HQ for freelancers and VAs etc, and you get your cut from fees charged and paid, what skill sets would you need to hire to set something like that up, and how much would you estimate it would cost?
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    A business degree or learning-by-doing experience.
    I imagine one human could get it done with 700 dollars... and another 70,000 dollars. The less money to start, the longer it would probably take.
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    You have to hire the person having a skill set related to web design and development + coding.

    You have to first define what features you are looking for and then get quotes from different people to get an idea of what they are wanting to be paid.

    Usually sites like elance, freelancer etc will cost for more than $3k+ to develop. That also assumes you get everything defined correctly the first time and you don't have any dead code or redesign needed.

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    If you're planning on starting your company at the same level as Elance, oDesk, vWorker, etc., you're going to need massive funding. Even Elance continues to seek out investors to cover costs.
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    You'll need to get quotes from web design firms. The thing about these web-systems is they need to use intelligent content management systems to allow users to log in and do everything they need to do. This can prove costly. How much? Only the professionals can tell you.
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