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Not exactly a secret, but I use a helpful little trick to bring traffic to one of my music related blogs.

Basically if I hear a catchy song on a new advert on TV that I recognise, I'll simply Google somthing like "Yahoo answers advert song <advert name>". If someone's already asked the question then I'll answer it with a link to the song on youtube and also my blog URL.

Nothing fancy, but using this method I can usually get up to 1000 extra views throughout the week with minimal effort on my part! Works best on brand new adverts though
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    i did some yahoo q/a and got 2 views :|

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Nice, I will try this out too
    Ouya Forums
    Klick the link to visit a forum about the new gaming console called ouya!
    Hacker Forum
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    This definitely works. I get long term traffic from this. The best thing is Yahoo is an authority site so it ranks really well. So your goal here is to get the best answer so you could be on top for maximum exposure. Always provide value in your answers and be careful with your links. Over promotion can get your account suspended. Just share anything relevant which will help out. Do this, and things will go well for you.
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