Cash Cow Method On Crack!

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I've seen a lot of talk about the cash cow method so I decided to give it a try and kick the tires.

So here's what I did to make $700 dollars in 3 days.

1. I found an affiliate program that would pay me per lead/sale and set up a special landing page with nothing but that offer on it.

2. I created a flyer in Microsoft word and added the affiliate program's banner along with my own sales text and a link back to my website.

3. Went to Staples and had their copy center run 100 copies of the flyer for less than $15 bucks.

4. Drove to a few shoping areas in my town and posted the flyers in stores and areas where people would see my offer. I also handed out a few to shoppers exiting the area.

In 3 days I made $700 from driving traffic to my site and converting leads into sales.

Total time and money:

*20 minutes to create the landing page
*10 minutes to create the Word Document/Flyer
*10 minutes at my local Staples
*1 hour research time to find stores and shopping areas located near me.
*100 flyers less than $15 bucks
*Gas about $4.00 for a mid-size car

***Remember to only use offers that you know the general public will not pass up.

Try it out.

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    Or if you like you can add this to your idea. Get a 1000 flyers printed, shouldn't be more than $50? And find a residential area for the flyers to be posted through their doors. Now what i mean is this, you've found a product that may just work, evergreen? Desperate buyers type product to promote? Post the flyers through the doors and see what happens?

    Time taken? Well it's mainly getting the flyers posted, but you can usually find deals when getting flyers printed to get them delivered, although I would post them through doors perhaps mid week, people are less likely to assume the flyers are the usual junk they get with free newspapers etc and more likely to at least take a look at them. What do you think? Worth a go?
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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    To generate any response at all using this method, your affiliate products need to be very very good. People will take the products search for them and buy them elsewhere there is that risk
    this is on a 'per lead' basis
    using a CPA network or something similar.

    I dont think the people buy anything. they just enter their details to receive an offer.

    I think it's a great idea.
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    This is only done by using per lead/per sale offers.

    DH Harris

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    I'd love to know more about this. Can you give some examples of offers that pay per lead that would work with this? What type of offer would appeal to the average person on the street? Could you show us a sample of your flyer so we know what caught their attention? Since you did it offline, sharing wouldn't cut into your profits any would it?


    Denise Lorraine

    Denise Lorraine - Web Writer.

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    Sweet idea. Time to offload some **** diet supplements.

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    Without telling the product what was the compensation you receive for each sale and each click through? Thank you for your post.
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