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At the seminar I went to here in Austin this past weekend. I was pretty blown away by how many were talking about it actually. There was a group of warrior dudes who, I swear, were planning total world domination all weekend.

These guys were gathered around in the corner of the lounge, near the bar, and had all kinds of plans flying around. I kept walking over there to catch a glimpse of their voodoo plans. Pretty amazing masterminding there. They inspired me.

They even did some WSO right there from the event.

Anyway, all cool guys and very smart. All in all, it's pretty smart to get out from behind your computer and get yourself to events like that. I bet those guys more than double their income this year (all of them) and have built a closer bond for doing business with one another.

That's how a lot of business gets done right there... relationships and masterminding and JVing. Most have no clue how lucrative it truly is to hang out at events and really get to know other like minded people.

It's like everyone raises their courage levels and become more confident and bold in their actions when you are around like minded, ambitious people. AND, those who actually get on a plane (or drive) to an event are the ones who tend to be pretty serious too.

Just make yourself do it... just make yourself go to an event. Whatever it takes.

Eric Louviere

PS - Tanner Larsson, you a cool dude, keep kicking butt and congrats on the baby-on-the-way!! Nice hanging out with ya' (the rest of you studs too!) (except Tim C. not you man) jk
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