Can anyone here recommend me of a good long tail tool?

by sam770
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I am looking for a good keyword research tool that is good for long tail
What tool you use with success?
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    Hi Sam
    I personally use Market Samurai. It lets you set your own phrase length of up to 10 words when generating your keywords. The only thing that bothers me is almost everytime I turn it on it wants to update or debug, but on the other hand I suppose its not a bad thing. As I remember It cost me about $100 as a one off payment. Hope this is helpful
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    In my personal view, the best tool for both long tail and short tail kw is market samurai. It gives you a complete picture of the kw's level and value.

    I would also try the free versions or trial versions of others and see what you like and don't like about them. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what you want without looking at several other options.

    Hope that helps.

    Always looking for Win, Win partnerships with other Ethical Internet Marketers.

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    I have two keyword tools - Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder.
    Market Samurai is good but I like the simplicity of drilling down with MNF... I tend to use it as my "go to" tool because it has such a simple operation. It even has 'hot trends' and 'brainstorm' functions if you need a mental jolt! I would say, used correctly, you would be happy with whichever of the two you chose tbh.
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    Long Tail Pro looks really good - thinking of investing in it myself.
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    I used Wordtracker and I liked it. Give them a try, you have a free trial I think of 7 days.
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    I use scrapebox for longtail keywords. Enter a keyword and scrape, Can get 100's of longtail keywords in less than 5 minutes

    Downside is it comes with a price tag, only recommended if you find uses for its other features.

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