Need help tracking down source of mystery ClickBank TID...

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We (should) all learn from our mistakes.

Sometime in the Fall of 2007 I signed up with ClickBank. I started several projects - most on free platforms. None really did anything.

Over the last month, however, I've been seeing a mystery TID showing up in ClickBank's reports. I'm pretty sure it's one I used way back when I started, but back then I didn't keep a good record of everything I did. The TID means nothing to me.

The traffic through this TID has been climbing all month (15 hops so far today), but it hasn't had any sales at all (150+ hits for the month). I'd like to tweak the page if I can find it since I know quite a bit more than I did then. I might even be able to increase traffic, too.

I've tried searching for "tid=mytid" and even "inurl:mytid" with no luck.

Any suggestions?
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