Why is the WarRoom Beneficial ??

by erb517
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Hi Everyone,

A Complete Newbie here who is looking into joining the War Room and I am wondering what type of content I might find there and the value of it?

Would appreciate your insights and what the War Room has done for you.

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    Yeah, me too... I was wondering the exact same question actually (n_n)

    Hopefully some member can help us out
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    You will find all sorts of things in there from WSO's to products people are giving away that some times sell for upwards of 50-100+

    Just last night I happened upon someones wso that got heavily into automating lead generation for your business if you deal with offline clients. It works like a charm and have even figured out how to automate social media for my business and get extremely deep linking back to my blog posts from various sites.

    Post to wordpress blog then to twitter then to facebook page then to linked in and all through the use of a voice mail and one service thats for free!

    There are all sorts of golden nuggets you can find in there if you just browse.

    Do you want to make successes or excuses? Success? Alright then... See what's in store for you....
    - The AC Assassin

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      Thanks for your post
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    The War Room is full of information, free gifts from generous folks, and lots of extremely useful advice. I've earned the price of my membership back many times over.
    But like everything else, the goodies you'll find there will only work if you put them into action.
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