Are you always searching for new business ideas?

by kenneth ifeanyi 4 replies
This may sound strange but many successful people are still searching for new business ideas even on the internet now i dont mean an info-prenuer who creates information poduct now looking for another product to create rather i mean someone looking for a differnt business idea entirely.

I have noticed that some successful internet marketers like mike filsaime,ewen chia to name a few are always creating new busines model here are there.Check out Ewen Chia with all the successful product launch he has had,yet he just came out[not too long ago]with his own autoresponder service...thats strange.

So warriors,i would like to know are you always searching for new and maybe untapped business idea to get into?..or do you just focus on one and one only and generate millions from it?...
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    I'm always searching, online and off. I have a huge file of ideas sorted by my own priority system and over the course of the month I will add all kinds of little notes to a side file. Once per month I combine the notes with the master list, and the thing at the top of the "to do" list gets moved to the "now do it" list.

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      Hi Kenneth,

      Check out Ewen Chia with all the successful product launch he has had,yet he just came out[not too long ago]with his own autoresponder service...thats strange.
      It makes perfect sense to me.

      a) he probably has many big lists - he can do a little more to make sure the emails get through now and doesn't have to follow so many rules made by others

      b) he is well known as an affiliate marketer - so no doubt he has come to appreciate the best performing businesses he has promoted - EG - autoresponder services where there is a high retention rate, and it's a service that although it needs to be managed, the guts of the product are 'set and forget' - unlike for example, a membership site that offers information and needs constant innovations to retain members

      c) there's even a chance that he had a good year and found that he needed to invest some money in growing his brand/reach and also his customer base (cross-selling anyone?) rather than giving it away in taxes.

      d) it gives him a few more options for bonuses to give people for buying his affiliate recommendations or his products/coaching

      e) by diversifying in the same market you can often link things up. For example he could generate leads and sell opt-in subscribers to his autoresponder customers. He could create some kind of list building site (like yourluckylist) and position himself at the top of the tree (getting free leads) while also offering these services to existing customers of each of his products. If it's better to sell more to your existing customers than to aquire new ones, then by expanding like this he is following that mantra.


      Roger Davis

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      Perfect something and move on.
      It is very hard to do.
      I always find that when I'm completing a project I think of a new one that I think in simply brillant!
      The key is to try and stick with the first thing and than move onto the second!
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