Could You Live 90 Days Without Technology?

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Hey Warriors,

Here's some food for thought

Could You Go Three Months Without A Mobile Phone, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? - Forbes

The premise I take away from this article
is that before tech we survived...and while
tech is good this makes you think how much
time we spend on devices and all that.

What does this article mean for you?


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    it think it really depends on the situation I am left in, where am I and whit whom
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    Of course I could LIVE but I wouldn't be doing so well.

    How would I track my businesses online, my investments. I'd be calling my broker every day.

    I wouldn't be able to stay in such close contact with family and friends.

    I might add, I lived and worked and created businesses before all the devices, however, back then, things were set up that way for everyone.

    Now, everything is set up (at least in my world) to work with all the devices.

    I don't see much difference in time.

    What I used to do that took all my time; doing manual bookkeeping, keeping manual spreadsheets on everything, making a ton of phone calls until my ear was sore and my arm hurt and spending all day at the office.

    Now, I can do more, in less time, with less stress and have much more time with family.
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    I would survive without a mobile phone, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and email but I think I would die without my computer
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    Interesting enough there was a study done in China recently on the internet. This study was only conducted with 18 people though (go figure that). The study determined that many have what is now called IAD; Internet Addictive Disorder.

    Probably can not post links as I am new but I am not sure I remember the link to the actual study.
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    No, but i can see the value in turning off distractions in order to get things done. Someone told me recently that he's actually found it extremely hard to just sit and read a book without having the urge to go and check the phone and twitter and facebook every few minutes.

    Please read the forum rules.

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      I lived for several decades without that technology, and I could do it again. Of course, now I'd know what I was missing.

      It's like the first time I saw color TV. Black and white just didn't seem the same.

      As for people screwing around at work, that's nothing new. The first time I had a job interview at a big company, I asked the interviewer how many people worked there.

      "On a good day? Maybe half of them..."
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    Good question would be where're we going from this point?
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    Absolutely, and would love doing it.
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    If I can live like a caveman, then yes.
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    I could and i know it would be actually good for your overall mental health. Maybe ill give it a shot this year.
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    I didnt get a mobile phone until 2002.

    I never wanted one.

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      I did not get one until 2011 and I still do not want one

      Originally Posted by ramone_johnny View Post

      I didnt get a mobile phone until 2002.

      I never wanted one.
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    Technology is a substitute for real things. In the place of Facebook there could be real meetings with close friends. Every second Facebook user plays Farmville--again, farming could be done in the real world. Online businesses may be turned into old-styled offline businesses and so on.

    Essentially, what we seek, is happiness, security, approval, love. If we get these things, all the technology may go and we even wouldn't notice its absence. We could live in a total Medieval style surroundings with no technology whatsoever, but if we had a protected environment, caring family and friends, beautiful home etc, we wouldn't miss any technological toy.

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    Yeah there is no way I could spend 90 days without tech devices. It has just become integrated into so many people's daily lives that it would be too hard. We rely on it to do pretty much everything: communication, research, work, etc.
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    I can't do it... I'd lose my mind. Not being able to make new instrumentals, not being able to make new sounds, not being able to update my websites, research, etc., learn more things in this forum, yeah, I don't know what I'd do. No TV, no PC, I guess I could entertain myself by seeing the great outdoors for a bit, but with no camera or camera phone, I'd still be bored after awhile. lol
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    I could but wouldn't want to. How the hell would I do IM? When your income is at least partially based online you can't just cut that off. If I made no money online then yes I could without a doubt. I go to the Sierra Nevada as often as I can and only recently got a cell phone and that's for work and it only cost $10. I prefer the unplugged life but for now I need to be at least partially plugged in.
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    If I was on a beach with my girlfriend and had enough money, then yes, I could.
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    Could I do it? Yes. Would I like it? Heck No!

    I grew up with 5 TV channels, a transistor radio and a landline phone (no call waiting). Why would I ever want to go back? However, I can live without Facebook.


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  • I honestly think I would struggle. For one my online business would go right down the tubes
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    Of course. Humans only need food, water, and shelter to live. Plenty of individuals live off the grid. Animals live without technology. Humans are animals. It is just harder, but it can be done.
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    I can barely go 90 seconds without my cell phone let alone 90 days.
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    I tried to go on a seminar without a my cell phone for a week... It was really hard... I felt so isolated...
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