Killer Ways Stop Those Pesky Refunds And Chargebacks

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we have all been there before....

We buy something and then, a minute later ... oh man! what Have I done.

Well I am here to say, you are going to get some customers who feel the same way. But you should always offer them great info and products first. That is key rule number 1.

You see alot of warriors complain about refunds, and even serial refunders (errr dont even get me started :p)

But you see, no matter who you are, what you are selling you are going to get refunds from time to time. There is not stopping it.

But just quickly we have tested this, and we find that there are some killer ways to decrease your refund rate, no matter what niche you are in or what you are selling.

1) This is the most important rule, offer something that is of high value, and quality info.

2) Once they buy make them feel welcome, and don't just advertise in their face. Gain more respect and trust.

3) A day or so later, just email them (have it loaded up in your autoresponder) and make it come from you, and tell them welcome, and if they have any problems just email you at .......@.......

People love this. And it tells them they are a real person and customer, not just a number to tally up at the end of the year.

4) A few days after your personalized email, and this is killer...send them something that is of value say of $47 - $97 and tell them, and give it to them FREE. Yes! I said free. Remember you want to keep them on your buyers list and create good repore so they continue to buy stuff from you.

5) A few days after send them to a youtube video, or some other cool FREE content. Just has to be what I call the "wind down" so they are kept happy. and so they know you are still there, but not bugging them

After a lot of testing,... this stuff works the best for us, no matter the niche.

It would take a day or so to set this all up in your auto responder and away you go.

Yes I know there is going to be people say, this does not work, or stop the guys who refund 3 seconds after they buy, and my refunds are huge and yada yada yada....

The thing is, you are never going to stop refunds. No matter if you have the best product in the world. But..... and there is a is about trying to decrease those refund request down as much as you can. You will never get to 0%, but you can decrease your current refunds you are getting by doing this.

So if you have to put in a few days work to do this, what would that mean to you, and your overall profits. You can decrease those annoying refunds that come through and make you want to pull your hair out. You have a right and a duty to get more having more happier clients in your hopper, who have your trust and are more likely to buy from you again and again.

Refunds will come, that I can guarantee you, but as a marketer there are certain ways like I showed you above that can help you decrease them, maybe even by up to 50% or more!

Remember someone on your buyers list, who is happy, and trusts you. Well....lets just say that is like having A VAULT full of cash just sitting in your in your house!!!

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    I think this is the most useful information I've read during the whole day. Waaaay better than most WSO =)

    Thank you very much for sharing this! I'll put it into practice ASAP.
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  • Thank you, for sharing this info with us. It is really useful.
    Refunds can be reduced with the help of info you have given.
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    Originally Posted by celente View Post

    You see alot of warriors complain about refunds, and even serial refunders (errr dont even get me started :p)


    Been reading my threads again have you?
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    Thanks mate. This is good information. I've been doing something similar.

    I send out a free report (PDF) every 2-3 weeks packed with lots of good information and maybe 1-2 affiliate links. Also, every email I remind them about the upcoming free report. I will also shoot a video just for them and keep the link private so only the subscribers have access to it.

    Email marketing at its core is relationship marketing. You need to build a relationship and only then market. Most WSO sellers never realize that. I am still paying for my mistake of buying good tools from them with junk email that hits my inbox everyday. I don't want to unsubscribe for fear of missing out an important update to the tool or course I've purchased.

    I wish WSO sellers (and all sellers) had a product update only email with no promotions whatsoever.
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