How Do I Determine A Domains Value?

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I am attempting to organize my online life (I know....good luck with that).

Anyway, I have a domain that I started to build a site on a couple of years ago. I ended up not going in that particlular business direction and it's just sitting there.

So, I'm considering selling it.

I've used a few of the online tools available and the quotes vary dramatically.

Is there a good/reputable tool anyone can recommend?

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  • This is not something I have experience with, but my thinking would be, put yourself in the shoes of the buyer.
    Why would anyone buy someone else's domain?
    Either the site is already making money, or there is a lot of potential to make money with the domain.
    So if your site is making money, then the buyer will be prepared to pay according to the amount (a ratio I would assume). If there is potential to make money you would need to work out how much. What kind of keyword traffic could it expect etc.

    I know it's pretty tough going, but this will give you somewhere to start at least.
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    Thanks've given me a few things to think about.
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    There are a lot of tools available on web. You can you use urlappraisal dot net to check you domain value.

    But I truely think that you should not sell your domain. Old domain are easy to optimize.
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