Adsense VS Pros and Cons??

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Hey, how's everyone today?

I was just going throught some info about which is basically an Ad Sell Off Service. I know that you can set your own pricing and I'm postive the amount would depend on you traffic. Adsense gives you a very small piece of the click pie and it seems Etology gives you a bigger piece, but at what cost?

I know Alexa was using them and charging $15,000 a month per ad space X 6 spaces and getting $90,000 a month. Now I realize their traffic is huge but what a deal for a free service.

Has anyone used Etology and if so, how do you find the service, benefits, issues?

Also, what issues can you run into which regards to Google, can they both be on the same page..etc??

I was hoping to get some insight before I tried it out.

I look forward to your comments.


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