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I am new to IM/OM and have never built a WordPress website and need some advice from someone who has done something similar to what I am doing. I am building a site for a restuarant that already has an established website/business but their website needs a totally new website. I am not sure the right way to approach this from the prospective of building the site since their hosting (Godaddy) has only 1 domain host setup so I am unclear how to build the environment and where before ultimately rolling the site out as there new main site which will return all the Google juice they have held for a while now along with the good reviews they have built up. I definitely do not want to lose that for my client. Anybody with experience in this matter advice is welcomed and highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Originally Posted by theysawgold View Post

    so I am unclear how to build the environment and where before ultimately rolling the site out as there new main site
    you can use xampp or wamp for local server environment where you can built and customize a wordpress site and later set it up as their main website by uploading the site's files, folders and database to their server.
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    To start with get new hosting Godaddy is ant that great at hosting
    you will be able to find much better and cheaper hosting else where.
    As for the link juice from there existing site just do a 301 redirect to
    the new site.
    And if you haven't worked with wordpress why take on a project
    you may not be able to complete i don't understand that.
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    I agree with Joseph. Move to a more flexible hosting provider.

    Learning how to install and develop a Wordpress blog on a client's site may not be the best way to go. Outsource the task to someone familiar with the numerous considerations that need to be addressed.
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    Thanks for everyone's feedback thus far. I am working with an easy to configure WordPress theme that came with training designed for restaurants so I believe it will be fairly easy to put together. I just needed help with the logistics.
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