What is a good way to make money online with your website?

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I have a website and I am trying to get more views to it. How do I get more people to my site?
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    There is no singal magic solution to getting more views... but you can from good old hard work.

    - Social networks such as facebook, twitter and Myspace(lol). Create a fan page and provide quirky and fun content people would want to read.

    - Social bookmarking websites, if you can prove popular floods of traffic will head your way. (Difficult to do depending on your niche / topic)

    - Youtube videos relating to your topic, create good content videos that will make people want to view your website. Make lots of videos... lots and lots.

    - Build backlinks to raise your search engine rank for a popular keyword. Search enngines are free traffic.

    - Paid advertisement, if your selling a product maybe invest some money in paid advertisements.

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      I think building backlinks to rank high search engines was the first and probably still the best for me to get visitors. All the other stuff solado said was very good.

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Ask yourself, what problem as I trying to solve. Then go from there.
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    Begin by reading the marketing and link building posts on the Warrior forum. The choices are numerous.

    Initially, you will need to determine whether you will do it yourself or outsource the marketing and link building tasks. You will either spend money or time (most often both) on your marketing efforts.
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    Try SEO, SMO, Paid ads, classifieds, etc.
    Boom shakalaka!
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    Yep, building traffic methods, which will in turn also build up your backlinks is a great way to increase your views. And building traffic does take some good old fashion work and dedication.

    Some other options in addition to what's been suggested would be to answer questions that relate to your niche within Yahoo! Answers, building trust in a forum community (one that relates to your niche) by communicating and engaging in forum discussions. And then there is content - writing quality articles that relate to your niche and submitting those articles to article directories, hubpages, squidoo, etc. Do something every day and you should start seeing improvement.

    Hope this helps,
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    There are tons of ways to get traffic;
    1.article marketing
    2.forum marketing
    3. social media etc.

    But if you have you have a product make sure you set up an affiliate program and then concentrate on recruiting affiliates.

    Whatever you do only focus on one at a time as this will give you better results.
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    Try using blog comments, forum marketing and also articles marketing..this should works well for you...plus is all free..you just need to invest time into it
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    Try getting your site to first page of Google for your certain keywords and also don't forget to create interesting and useful content so that people will just link back to your site and eventually it will increase traffic. Hope that helps.
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    There are many ways to get traffic to your site. however, all of them require some serious work. If you are willing to put in enough time and effort, there are many great ways you can drive traffic to your site.

    Here is a list of 61 free ways to drive traffic to your site (taken from my own site):

    Increase blog traffic submitting your site

    1- Submit press releases to free press release sites

    2- Submit ads to classifieds like CraigsList

    3- Submit articles to directories like Ezine & ArticleBase

    4- Submit your blog to blog directories

    5- Submit your blog to search engines & free directories

    6- Submit your blog to free review sites like CoolSiteOfTheDay

    7- Submit your posts to social bookmarking sites with OnlyWire

    Use web 2.0 sites to generate traffic to your site

    8- Create a MySspace page for your blog

    9- Write related articles on WikiPedia & link back to your blog

    10- Make a HubPage & add relevant links back to your blog

    11- Make a wiki page for your blog with WikiSpaces

    12- Make a Squidoo lens linking back to your blog in it

    13- Join 43Things.com & write about things you want to accomplish with your blog

    14- Create a Facebook fan page for your blog

    15- Create a Hi5 page for your blog

    16- Use MyBlogLog to create a community around your blog

    17- Join Technorati and ping every new post

    18- Join Blogcatalog and do the same as with MyBlogLog

    19- Make videos related to your niche & post to YouTube

    20- Answers related questions on YahooAnswers linking back to your blog in the “resources” section

    21- Use StumbleUpOn to stumble every article you write

    22- Make a Twitter page for your blog & tweet your posts

    23- Join related online forums & ad your url in your signature

    Take advantage of free tools and Plug-ins to drive traffic

    24- Place a “digg it” button to make it easy for visitors to digg your posts

    25- Use a comment notifying plug-in to let your readers know about new comments. People like to read comments more than the actual post!

    26- People love to read comments. Install a comment notifying plug-in to let them know about new comments

    27- Install “tell-a-friend” plug-in to make it easy for readers to share posts with their friends.

    28- Make use of “all in one SEO” plug-in to make your blog search engine friendly

    29- Install a forum plug-in to enable readers to discuss related issues

    30- Use free keyword tools like Google AdWords to find long-tail, low competition keywords & use them in your posts

    31- Install “Sexy Bookmarks” to make it a snap for readers to social bookmark your post

    32- Make free business cards for your blog using VistaPrint and pass it around

    33- Use PingOmatic to ping your blog to RSS aggregators

    34- Make a free Favicon for your blog. A Favicon is like big spot light focused on your blog between hundreds of other blogs!

    Other bloggers and webmasters can help you get traffic to your website

    35- Interview a trusted and successful blogger in your niche

    36- Ask other bloggers in your niche to guest post on your blog

    37- Make a banner ad for your blog & exchange with other blogs

    38- Ask other bloggers to review your blog in exchange for a backlink to their blog

    39- Use blogroll exchange links with other blogs in your niche

    40- Dedicate a post to a top blogger in your niche. It may catch his attention & he may link to you

    41- Link to other blogger’s posts in your post, whenever appropriate. They will return the favor!

    42- Guest post on popular blogs in your niche

    43- Leave informative and valuable comment on related blogs

    Use your site as a tool to attract & keep visitors

    44- Reward visitors by giving them freebies like ebooks, free downloads & etc

    45- Make your blog user friendly by keeping it clean and easy to navigate

    46- Use keywords as title of your posts. Keywords in title is an important SEO factor

    47- Make it easy for people to link to your by providing a simple html

    48- Run weekly or monthly contests and giveaways to encore visitors to get involved

    49- Use common questions in your niche as title for your posts

    50- Look out for new developments in your niche. The first person breaking a new story, gets the most traffic

    51- Post frequently. Search engines and readers like fresh content

    52- Use tags for your post, as it’s becoming a very popular way of finding related content

    53- Interlink! From within your posts, link to other realted posts in your blog

    54- Create list posts, like “101 ways to…”, ‘Top 10…”. People love list posts

    55- Videos are increasingly becoming popular, use them on your blog to your advantage

    56- Write shocking and surprising articles. They will draw people to your site

    57- Let your readers know you care about what they have to say by responding to their comments

    Extra methods of free traffic generation

    58- Use forum signatures to link to your blog with your keyword as anchor text

    59- Make a bumper sticker with your blog name & a creative description and attache it to your car

    60- Make flyers with your blogs name and a captivating headline and pass it in the mall or parking lots or hang it on doors

    61- Be patient! No one goes from zero to thousands of visitors over night
    60 Awesome Ways to Make Money Without a Job
    Check out my blog Survey Satrap featuring honest reviews of paid survey sites.
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    you need a page that has good copy.

    Then drive targeted traffic with either one of these.

    Press Release
    youtube videos
    blog commenting on high PR sites.
    Media buys
    Forum sig links.

    Hope this helps.
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    Everyone pretty much summed up the ways to start building long term traffic. Satrap definitely gave you pretty much everything you need to know.

    To start getting traffic right away, you can try traffic exchange sites but try to find ones that offer real human views.
    For example, try trafficdial.
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    What niche are you in? I would start off by finding a forum in your niche and joining and posting there. You can also submit articles to Ezinearticles. Start a blog and keep posting on it regularly, and have links directed back to your main website page, and do Youtube marketing.
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    Nice work, not only have you got people to click on your site but you have got plenty of good advise that will definitely bring traffic to your site.
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    Swarm into your niche. Give your time and efforts. The feedback are that what you get.
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    Before anything else, you need to be be familiar about the three types of internet traffic.

    - traffic that you own (your mailing list)
    - traffic that you control/targeted traffic (traffic that you get from people who searched in a specific keyword that eventually brought them to your site or from a list owner that you did a JV with that checked out your site or from your Facebook fanpage and article directories.)
    - traffic that you don't control (traffic comes from organic search listings, social networks, viral videos)

    There are plenty of ways to get targeted traffic to your site. You can try:

    - SEO (i.e optimize the keywords you use in your content – this can help increase your rankings in search engine sites. The higher the rank, the higher the chance of getting more people visiting your website)

    - Creating quality content (a good article will increase readability and it can also get people visiting your site)

    - Post articles to other sites (There are lots of article submission sites where you’re allowed to place a link that will redirect the reader to your main website. For example, ezinearticles, amazines, hubpages and etc.)

    - Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

    - Backlinking (i.e leaving quality comments on other people’s websites, forum posting, posting articles to submission sites.

    - Video marketing (i.e. advertising through youtube)

    - Advertisements (you can go for paid or free advertising)

    All of these involve what we call hard work. You need to invest time, effort and sometimes money so you can get more people to visit your site.

    All the best,
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    like he said about. it will provide your time to do unless you can outsource.
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    whatever product you are selling ... i can show you a way how you can generate leads which will come to your inbox directly. i can't explain it here because i am writing an e-book on it to promote it as my first WSO here in WF. But I would like to test it with you if you are interested. PM me your email id or add me in your skype and we will chat. Remember I can make leads come to your mailbox only if you permit me to remote access your computer and do the job for you. I am ready to do this for any one who is discussing on this thread. Once the lead comes to your box it is just a matter of time for them to view your website.
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