Anyone here give advice on LARGE SCALE mass emailing?

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I know the Aweber guy and the TrafficWave guy visit this forum from time to time, but not sure how often.

I have a couple questions on large scale mass emailing.
It can get a bit technical, so didn't want to post my babble unless this is the right audience.

I'm currently doing about 1 - 1.5 mil emails per day on average.

Tried contacting Habeas/Returnpath, but can't get a response. I assume because they see my volume but since I'm not a web host or 'famous' autoresponder service they might be thinking 'spam'. Can't blame them, but no, its actually the exact opposite.
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    What medium are you using? If it's one of those 'mail to millions' programs, they are useless. Those emails are sent to junk email addresses that no one ever checks. If you're using your own email blaster, then you're in danger of being cited for spam. Unless people specifically ask to have you send them email, you will be in violation of spam regs. Be careful.
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    With a list big enough to send that many emails per day, you must have a very valuable 'secret' that you could sell.
    If you don't have a list that big, how are you obtaining the names and addresses?
    Or are you simply blasting away to PayPal members, Gmail members and so on from those tacky little outfits that advertise that service and result, in the very short term, in an upsurge of spam detections by my filters?

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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