My Aweber account - can I sell?

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I have an Aweber account, grandfathered in I think before they raised prices etc.. I get unlimited autoresponders and pay approximately $54 quarterly.

Have you ever heard of someone transferring their account to someone else, is it allowed to "sell" it?

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    I guess the TOS answers my question...

    "System accounts can not be transferred or used by anyone other than the subscriber."

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    Aweber accounts aren't very valuable due to their reputation problems.

    The way to structure things in the future (if you want to sell a list) is to first start your business entity. It doesn't matter if you use an LLC, a C corp, an S corp or and Ltd (if in the U.K.)

    Then register with a reputable company like Constant Contact or Email Brain. Better yet -- host it in house. If you register with Constant Contact or Email Brain, be sure to register it in the name of the business entity.

    Then when you are ready to sell, you sell the business entity, not the list itself. The list is an asset of the business entity and comes with it (since it can not be transferred back to you personally anyway).

    I hope that helps.
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    Thanks Testivar.. yeah I think I am just going to cancel before next quarter payment comes due. I hate to get rid of it, but I haven't been using it and instead focused on different areas of IM the past few years. Oh well
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    You didn't mention the number of subscribers you've got, your typical ctrs, and how you built the list.

    I'm sure these parameters will be helpful, if this doesn't contravene aweber's TOS

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