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First post here and it may be a naive question but here goes - have got a web site, with own products. Not much traffic or content yet.

Have half written a squeeze page offering free e book and product to buy. At the moment its parked on the web site and unsure what to do with it.

Do I need both the web site and the squeeze page?

If so where do I put the squeeze page?

Do i just offer the free e book and get the email addresses or does the product go on there as well?

If someone could help please - it will be much appreciated.

Confused Cath
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    Theres several ways you can do this (you should test what works best)

    1) Squeeze page redirects through your affiliate link and takes subscriber to the landing page of a product your promoting as an affiliate and then hope that they confirm their e-mail address when they receive the autoresponder message.

    2) Same as above but on the first thank you page tell them in a video or plain text to confirm their e-mail address. When they confirm their e-mail they are taken through your affiliate link to the merchants landing page. Then your autoreponder send them the free report you promised or whatever it may be.

    3) Squeeze page giving away something free takes lead to thank you page where you have a video or instructions telling them to confirm their e-mail address to get the free whatever. Then your autoresponder sends them your freebie

    4) Squeeze page goes to a OTO (one time offer) that you set up with or without a message at the top of that page or a video telling them to confirm their e-mail address

    There are many many ways that you can use a squeeze page and the different sequence of events that a lead goes through. You just need to test and use a little creativity.

    Here is an example of another way that you can use the squeeze page. In this example the lead first goes here after subscribing:


    Then when they confirm their e-mail address they go here:


    As you can see from the above example you can also use a bit of psycology....

    Frank Bruno
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