Can someone please help? Question regarding JVZoo and Aweber integration...

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I added my & my Aweber web form ID to my products on JVZoo.

Someone purchased and said they never received an email to download the product. I have JVZoo hosting the file and automatically delivering it for me. I even resent the receipt, and they said they didnt get that either..

None of my other buyers have had any problems getting the product. I'm wondering if my Aweber is set up wrong..?

Then they also said they never had the option to subscribe to my list..?

Can anyone give some advice? I've contacted JVZoo support already, and I'm waiting to hear back from them. So I figured I'd ask everyone on here while I wait.

Surely there must be someone who is using JVZoo & Aweber that is letting JVZoo host their product who can help me out, right? lol

Also, is there any way for me to test my integration without having to actually purchase my own product..?

I know they have a "test download" option, but that doesnt help..

Thanks in advance everyone, I really appreciate it.
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    Why don't you use JVZoo support to answer your question?
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    I did that already, before I created this thread. No response yet though.

    Figured I'd ask on here while I wait for someone to reply to my support ticket.
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    I am assuming that you have already had this issue resolved by support, but just in case, I wanted to respond.

    Aweber has nothing to do with the receipt email that your buyer receives. That is generated from the JVZoo system.

    Since none of your other buyers had a problem receiving their download information, it looks like this is isolated to this particual buyer. My first advice would be to tell the buyer to check his spam folder.

    If you give me the ticket number of your support ticket, I will make sure that we have all the correct details for the buyer and make sure this buyer gets what he paid for right away.

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    Thanks Brian

    Its already been resolved, & I just sent the file over to him via Skype. He said it wasnt in his spam folder either, lol I dunno what went wrong.

    But yeah Rich has already done a 'test purchase' and he was able to subscribe to my autoresponder, so it looks like I have everything set up right.

    Thanks tho!
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