Competitive Niche - Yes/No?

by dm5k
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So I am thinking about building a nice Amazon affiliate authority website for a competitive keyword that gets over 25,000 exact match searches a month. It obviously has aged and established websites with tons of backlinks leading to them. I know this would take a long time to rank. I was thinking about creating Youtube videos, Facebook page, Twitter, submitting articles for syndication, and hiring a link builder. Has anyone tackled such a competitive keyword with success and willing to share some tips?
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    Competitive Niche - Yes/No?
    Yes indeed, but perhaps you should consider using alternative marketing methods while waiting for your site to rank. All of my Amazon affiliate sites are in the most competitive (read - most lucrative) niches, which for years have never ranked above the murky depths in the SERPS. But, my marketing model completely bypasses all of the entrenched SEO competition. Traffic and sales are done almost entirely through article syndication, email promotions, banner ads, solo ads, media advertising, direct marketing, etc. So often these days, some of the very best marketing techniques are underused or forgotten.
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    myob explained it perfectly. You do not have to be on page one of Google to be profiting. You can easily market with social media ads, YouTube, articles, PPC and all of those other great marketing techniques to drive traffic. It is definitely worth it. Good luck!
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    Article Marketing is still working! I mean of course it is working but it is still worth to write article every day?
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    Yes google is not the only way to go, however (just my two cents) why target a competitive keyword when there are many other great opportunities that are much easier to rank for. Just need to keep searching and hone your keyword searching skills.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    25k searches amazon niche site is not that hard as you might think,are you up for the challange?
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    yep, ranking in yahoo and bing is not as good but will still bring in money!

    you really want to think on this, how much time am I going to spend on promoting/seo this site and how long you are willing to wait for results.

    you do not want to be stuck building an awesome authority site that makes no money.
    Need Help With Your Keyword Research??

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    You may go for any competitive niche If you are willing to provide hard and consistent work and obviously have passion.Consistency is the key to achieve a higher rank in a competitive niche.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    High PR Backlinks - lots of them
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