any good free screen capture software available?

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Another hard drive wipe out and got to start again.

Any good free capture software? Basic Jpeg images is all.

Thank you
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    For video, camstudio. It is a free version of camtasia.

    For images, the best thing is to use a plugin in your browser or just do a printscreen
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    Try Jing... (google it) works well for me and you can save it on your hard drive or online. You can also edit it for free with Screencast (I think).

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    Camstudio has got my vote. Although not as polished as we would like. But at least it works and its free.

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    Jing for me!


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    yep, jing has worked quite well for me as well.

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    MWSnap is a good app too that I'm currently using.
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      Another vote here for MWSnap. I use it, and you can save the image as Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Png or Tiff.

      If you need free video screen capture then HyperCam is not too bad.

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    Gadwin has worked well for me, just Goofle Gadwin

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    CamStudio is the best free recorder I've found. Better still is to get the 30 day trial version of Camtasia, make your video product, sell it and buy the full version from the profits.

    The problem with a lot of free recorders is they lack the editing capability that comes with Camtasia. You can always use use a video editing program like Windows MovieMaker, of course, but because the resolution of a screen capture video is lower than a "live action" video, the preview picture tends to look a bit "grainy" in my experience.
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    camtasia, camstudio are the best!!

    For screen capture there is snipping tool already available in windows7!!
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    I use firefox for my screen captures and use a add-on called Pearl Crescent. Quick and easy and works very well for me. I usually make PNG's though, for "long" images, because I can compress more, get the file size down.
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    You're getting advice for two different kinds of software - capturing single screenshots, and capturing video of screen activity.

    I use Awesome Screenshot (addon for Chrome and Firefox) for capturing single screens, Camstudio for video.
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    If I understand right, all you want is JPEGs.

    With Windows 7 (and Vista) you have the Snipping tool, which is free with the OS.

    Else, Jing is great because the annotations etc look very professional (if you need them) and are very easy to create.

    For free screencasting software, I stay well clear of Camstudio and use Hypercam 2, instead. You can also use Jing but it's very restrictive if you only go for the free version.

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    Camtasia is without a doubt the best in my opinion. I've used it loads of times and it's a great handy piece of software with an editor built in. I recommend it.
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    Yes - Jing. It's inexpensive and easy. They offer a free version also.
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    I've always used Irfanview. It's always done good for me.

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    I used Camtasia Studio for more than 7 years and I found it working so perfect for me.

    You can use the free version and is working very well.

    Or just Google this sentence "free screen capture software" and I am sure you will find what you need and more.

    Good Luck
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