Would this be treated as Spam?

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Hi everyone
a friend of mine has just done a product launch to his user base (paid members and free members).
He sells horse racing systems and the members are very active as they get daily e mails and he has plenty of comments on his blog posts for the members.
His latest launch e mail has a extremely low open rate.

When I asked him what the subject line was he said "make £600 over the Cheltenham festival" now is the low open rate due to the "£600" being in the subject line and are the ISPs treating it as spam because of the £ sign
Any help would be appreciated
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    Many symbols in subject lines get classed as spam, particularly £ and $. I have a weekly e-letter and often have to adjust my subject title before broadcasting because the system I use suggests a spam issue in the subject. I use Aweber which gives you a score that is safe to send. Most professional broadcast systems have something similar. If your friend is using a free email account designed for general purposes and not for professional mass sending, then this would also increase the chance of being classed as spam.
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    Indeed the sign has triggered the system and that is why most of the mails will go to spam.
    it depends on the mailing service also.
    A safe score on aweber should be maintained to prevent mails from going to spam!!
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    Try and use a professional mass mailing system otherwise all your target emails will end up in the spam box.
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    Is he using a professional email managing system? If so.. they should have guidelines on what they consider spam.. they usually flag the message before you even send it out.

    Make sure he also has a few test accounts for himself. So he can see what kind of timing the list has and also if something ends up in the spam box.
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    I don't know of any email system that wouldn't block it with a dollar or pound sign in the subject line.

    Best case is he's landing in the spam box
    "SUPER AFFILIATE EXPOSES Highly Profitable Traffic Source!"

    "Use This Trick To Make An Extra $50 - $500 Per DAY!"
    Click Here To Check It Out Before The Price Jumps Up AGAIN!
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    This thread has been a good learning for me .... I didn't realize that symbols will be treated as SPAM ..... Thanks
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    Many people have already said. It got classified as spam because of Pound sign. He should rewrite his subject line and use aweber or similar services.
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      Hi Guys
      thanks for the info - I did suspect that the £ was being treated as spam. A bit surprised he didn't notice this though as he is using Aweber.
      many thanks again
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