A famous AB Split Test produced 500% increase

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A famous AB Split Test produced 500% increase

Jay Abraham is a famous American marketing guru for the past 3 decades. Here are the 2 headlines he tested for a bank client:

Original headline: Two-Thirds Bank Financing on Silver and Gold

Test headline: If Gold Is Selling for $300 an Ounce, Send Us Just $100 an Ounce and We'll Buy You All the Gold You Want

Result: 500% more orders. That one simple change, of all about 12 words, made in the same amount of space they were buying and using the same amount of body copy, which was 90 percent of the ad, increased their pull by 500 percent.
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      Originally Posted by nichetech View Post

      Raj Ji
      I also believe in AB Testing, that is the only way to insure success in today's competitive web environment.

      Testing before a mega launch could be a key for success.

      But the problem is the available resources on net for AB testing are time consuming and based on technical ability of the web owner.

      There should be a better and code less way of testing pages, so the internet marketers and web owners can use it without learning too much technicality of the tool.
      You can't get much simpler than Google Website Optimizer. It is literally point and click. You have to paste a couple of bits of code into your page but it tells you exactly where to put them so it's not hard.

      I don't think you will find anything easier.
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    I agree with WillR. Google Website Optimizer is very convenient.

    It not only lets you do A/B testing (i.e. 2 or more drastically different versions of your sales message) but also lets you do multivariate testing. For example, you can test your headline wording, font size, font color, opening, background color, etc. all at the same time (given that you have enough web traffic to make it statistically significant).
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      Originally Posted by nichetech View Post

      Will and Owen, Thanks for suggestions.
      The problem is, I don't know the coding stuff.
      There is no real coding stuff though. You literally copy a piece of code and place it in to your website page. It gives you the exact code and tells you exactly where to put it. If you still struggle then just search Youtube as I am sure you will find a tutorial video of someone doing it

      The best way to not struggle with code in the future is too learn little bits as you go along. Copying and pasting simple code like this is definitely a skill you should pick up sooner rather than later.
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    I personally find that all Google tools such as Optmizer and Analytics are complex and the reason is that these are free and designed for Google's main target audience, which is people who spend over $100K or more than $1M on AdWords per year.

    Such companies may have specialist who spends part of the day doing AB Split Testing (or more complex Multivariate Testing).

    I think Google even has a certification program for Google Optimizer (If you need certification, it is obviously complex to use)

    For small business owners who are non technical, there are simpler options.

    You can free details at Anne Holland's Which Test Won – A/B Test & Multivariate Testing Education for Marketing Professionals, which lists 42 testing software under the title of "Testing Tools".
    (Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of any websites mentioned above).

    Get all the digital marketing tools you need for Internet marketing with email marketing at www.dmToolbox.io

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    Split testing is one of the important factors that separate top marketers from everyone else.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    Yes I would have to say the Google Website Optimizer is user friendly and not complicated to use. It walks you through the instructions, and after you have done it once the second time is a piece of cake.

    For a free tool I don't think you will find anything better anywhere. I have used paid tools that are a lot better, but for free I don't think you can complain about it.

    Scott Dudley is a direct response Copywriter from Perth, Australia, who also specializes in writing sales letters and emails for his clients. You can see samples of his portfolio at http://scottdudley.net/blog/portfolio/ or contact him on Skype by adding the username: Scott_Dudley

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