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Hi I am a total noob when it comes to all things Internet marketing. I do not have any money at the mOment but I would love to have someone who is making good money online show me how to get started and make good money. My dream is to make a good living full time online. If there is anyone who is an established. Marketer out there that would be willing to coach me for free I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for any response

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    I can't coach you because I'm not a succesful (yet) IMr but I can certainly give you some people to look to. I first started with Potpiegirl's One Week Marketing Program. Gives you the basics on how to get started online.

    Tiffany Dow is another great reference and she's ethical, which is why I like her so much.

    The Power 3 Marketing program by Potpiegirl and David Bocock is where I learned quite about creating websites, hosting accts., buying domain names, etc.

    Those are just a few of how I got started and I have learned a lot of very useful info.

    Hope that helps...Val
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I think to really make any real income online, you will at least need a domain, a website/squeeze page and an autoresponder.

    However, if you have any skills that you can offer, then you could sign up for a free account on freelance and bid for jobs there without a site.

    Or you could start off with a free site like wordpress or blogger.

    Internet marketing (IM) is a business and like any business, takes some time and money to really make it and to make it sustainable.

    IM does have a lower up front fee and you most certainly CAN make a living but it will take work.

    I would suggest you use the search function on this forum and search the word "newbie", "newbies", "rookie", and "noob" to read the advice given to new people before.

    There is a lot of great free information on here to do all steps of just about every method of IM there is.

    After doing a lot of reading, you will need to select a method and get going.

    The key is a plan, focus on one method and taking imperfect action.

    Good luck.
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    To get started you just need to start reading the information here and asking questions. Begin to narrow down the options of what niche you want to be in, what method you are going to use etc. There is a wealth of information here and people willing to answer your specific questions, but simply asking for an "establish marketer" to coach you for free (outside of this forum) is not the way to go.

    Most of us have spent countless years and thousands of dollars building our business. We would have loved for someone to hand us over the secret to making money online, but thats just not how it works.
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  • Hi Sledge105,

    Welcome to the forum. I suggest you carefully consider your existing resources, namely:

    1. 0 to little knowledge and experience in Internet marketing. I assume this means 0 to little knowledge and experience in doing extensive industry, business and target consumer market, competition, affiliate market and keyword research, as well as 0 to little knowledge in business development, product development, domaining, website development, graphics design, content development, onsite and offsite SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and online advertising, correct?

    2. 0 to little financial resources.

    3. How about time to spend building your business?

    If you have friends, colleagues and contacts with extensive experience and knowledge in doing the things above, then what you can do is:

    Talk to them and see if they're interested in taking projects from you...

    Contact businesses and corporations to offer them the services needed to complete the things above...

    Do project supervision work for the business and corporations you manage to sign up...

    Earn income from your cut of what those businesses and corporations pay you for managing their projects and for the services of your friends, colleagues and contacts...

    Gain useful knowledge and experience from working with your colleagues, friends and contacts who have suitable skills, knowledge and experience in doing the things mentioned above...

    Once you're earning good income, train someone who'll do project management work for your existing clients and service providers, so you can grow your clientele network and service provider network...

    Once you're earning better income, improve your backend and frontend business processes, management systems and marketing campaigns to steadily grow your clientele network and manpower resources, for higher net profit margins...

    Allocate funds to keep your business running and growing steadily, then allocate funds to your other offline and online business concepts, since you should've gained a lot of free time to expand to other industries and business ideas...

    Hope this helps...

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to the forum. In addition to the other advice that's already been given, you need to first firgure out what path you want to take in IM. There's many different areas such as affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, offline marketing for businesses, creating and selling your own information products etc. I would spend some more time doing research on these different topics and others here on the forum.

    Once you do some more research, pick one topic that interests you the most and focus only on learning more about that one topic. You'll soon be able to recognize who the major players are here in the forum in any given topic/subject, and you can then start following and implementing info that they teach.

    Just don't let your self run in 100 different directions, because this is really easy to do when you are brand new, then you wind up getting no where fast. I know this first hand!

    Best of luck,

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