how much does this 6k website worth?

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Hi warriors, if you are offered 6k (per month) traffic getting website that has no revenue (it's kinda adsense site), and this website is on page 1 (rank 4 - 6) how much will you buy this for?
Just curious...
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    Depends on from where traffic is coming from
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      Originally Posted by kaytav View Post

      Depends on from where traffic is coming from
      Yes, depends a lot on how people are getting to the site and why there is no revenue. Just having traffic doesn't mean a site can be profitable
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    sounds a bit suspect to me. If it has adsense there should be some kind of click data.
    I'd want to see the traffic stats before I'd drop money on it.
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    it depends on revenue, I sold a site with 100 visitors a day for 5k just because the conversion rate was very high
    I will create high quality graphics
    for $5
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    If you manage to get this traffic, why don't you consider adding adsense or clickbank
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    Let's see. The math works out to be about 200 visitors per day. With a site getting this kind of traffic, and on page 1 of Google... i would probably sell it for $2,500.
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    Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

    how much will you buy this for?
    Just curious...
    For me, the amount of traffic is barely relevant at all. What matters is the income and its stability over the months.

    Anyone can buy 10,000 "visitors" on ... that doesn't, in itself, signify anything at all, does it? :confused:

    Sites can be "on page 1 of Google" for keywords containing the word "free", too, can't they? Is it on page 1 of Google for a buying keyword, worth provable income? This is the question.
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    No income means no value. Well, not always for new start-ups, but if a site has been around for a while and cannot monetize then it's worthless. Depending on the niche and how it's monetized, you could factor in a pricing multiple. The easiest way to do this is find a similar site that recently sold. What did it sell for, what is the monthly income. For example: sold for 2000, has a monthly income of 200 = 10x multiple. Not a perfect way, but better than guess work. For this to work, you will need to compare like for like, niche for niche.
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