Should I be worried? the product I was in the middle of building a site for is going out of stock.

by kea55
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Hi I was in the middle of building a site selling this Amazon product, but i just noticed there are now only 10 left in stock. Is this a reason to worry? Should I just stop building the site now?
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    If you are selling 0 stock, how you will get your commissions? I think change the product to others with solid stock.
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    That's a tricky one... maybe you should try and contact the seller if possible and see if there will be more coming, if there will be no more? a guess you would need to change that product .

    Best regards..
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    If its a good product you can be rest assured that it will be re-stocked.
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    I would definitely keep an eye on that in the future, when choosing products to promote. You only want to spend your time on things which will be around for a while with continuous availability.
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    Contact the producer and ask him or her if the product will come back into stock or not. If not, try to find a similar product that you could promote on this site (unless your site was completely product specific, of course).

    Next time, make sure you do sufficient research so that you will not be in such a situation again. Good luck.

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    I agree with Nicolas - who suggests contacting the seller. It's not unusual to sell out of a popular product (as MaverickUK suggested) and calling the seller will reassure you that your efforts aren't a waste - and it will help the seller know that this is a popular product which they should keep stocked.
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