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Hi warriors. I create this thread to complete the right guide to internet marketing success. Here is my opinion: 1. Learn from succesful marketers, 2.Dont give up after failures ,3.Focus on one method, 4.Believe in success # Write your guide to success and that way we can complete Guide To Success.Thanks.
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    I think you have summed it up well. I would add the following though.

    * Test and measure everything and keep the winners and get rid of the losers
    * Focus on serving your target market, and not just making money
    * Value your time and don't give it away too easily
    * Don't expect overnight success, there are no push button solutions.

    Scott Dudley is a direct response Copywriter from Perth, Australia, who also specializes in writing sales letters and emails for his clients. You can see samples of his portfolio at or contact him on Skype by adding the username: Scott_Dudley

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    I think you know everything to get success. Just Follow your own thoughts.
    and remember the slogan "More Learn, More Earn".

    Carry On !!
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    You and Scott have just about summed it up right. The most important thing is having the right attitude. You can't just open your computer and expect to make money instantaneously. Patience and perseverance are the most important virtues a successful internet marketer has. The fact that internet marketers can work from the comfort of their homes means that it is more challenging getting started as compared to a real job! Otherwise, wouldn't a lot more people be doing IM full time?

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    patience, perseverance, determination, a "will succeed NO MATTER WHAT" attitude and you will work out the rest along the way.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    Just my opinion...
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    2.Dont give up after failures ,
    This is the key for me.
    If you look at the guys making 6 figures a year on this forum, not one of them would have achieved that if they had given up after failing the first time.
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    When you have an idea: TAKE ACTION! If you don't take action you will never have success.
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    You need the right mindset. And by that I mean basically the things mentioned above. Be happy when failing, never expecting to earn $1K tomorrow if you're just starting out, and think of IM as a business and not a quick buck.

    And one more thing. You need to fit this lifestyle. Not everyone is fine with working from home and be on a computer almost every single day.
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    Thanks for your opinions.What is the most important skill to internet marketing success in your opinion.
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