One of the Best Post Ever On This Forum That Changed My Life By Allen Williams!

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I keep talking about this post and many Warriors have asked me to share it with them, so here it is as Allen Williams posted it.

I have been a member of the Warriors for several years and in that time a post came along that was life changing for me, this post I am talking about was by Allen Williams and as far as I concerned has been the best post on the forum ever. If you take action on this post, it can change your life, as it has mine.

This is Allen's post that made a big difference in my life:

Hello All,

Just something I wanted to share.

For all those that still think internet marketing is rocket science, it isn't.

Back in the middle of October in 2004, I decided to do these 3 things. (I've always 'done' them, but not as consciously or on as regular a basis.) I had big plans that were stalling, sites that had leveled off, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure lots of people can relate to that. eh?

I'm also not sure exactly what or who made these things come to me. I read a lot, so I'm sure it's not an original idea, just one that finally hit home with me and I implemented.

(Note: These are things outside of the add content, test headlines, etc types of things, that well, frankly, you just have to be doing on a regular basis.)

Here they are:

1. Do something every day that will make you more money or grow your traffic and business.
Just a few examples:
- add incoming links
- add a few more words to your PPC
- buy an ezine ad
- do a thank you exchange
- raise your daily limits for a campaign that's successful
- add a new source of revenue to a content site
- from whatever the last resource you purchased, read/listen and implement one strategy.

2. Do something every day that will save you time or money.
A few of my own examples:
- automate something
- add a new FAQ and answer to your site
- turn off your email software during your 'working hours' or at least for a while
- same for IC software
- set aside a limited time for your general email reading/answering
- unsubscribe from a newsletter that you're no longer reading or finding helpful
- cancel recurring payments on a program you've been promoting unsuccessfully, or
that you keep saying "I'm going to have to cancel that.."
- get software to do the stuff you're spending too much time doing, ie link
exchanges, AR, formatting etc
- make some 'template' emails for answers to your most generally asked questions
- make a notepad or text document containing linking information for your sites so
you can quickly cut and paste from that when exchanging or requesting link exchanges
with someone not using a script or not using the same script as you.
- before you buy something, look at the folder full of ebooks you already have and
see if you might not already have something similar, or maybe even the same one that
came as a bonus with something else you bought
- pause or delete a PPC campaign that isn't working

Ok, this could be a book by itself, but maybe you get the picture.

3. Help some one, any one, when there's nothing in it for you but good karma. (This
doesn't have to be internet related.)
- give a thoughtful reply to a post asking for suggestions or help (leave out your affiliate links, cloaked and uncloaked/redirect whatever)
- answer (kindly) one of many emails you get asking for information that's
clearly posted on your site, or that anyone with half a brain should know the answer
to. Thank them for asking. (limit one for sanity's sake)
- help your neighbor fix his garage door.
- email a webmaster with a piece of patched script or html code that you found
broken on their site or a dead link.

The key here is to to do at least one from each of the three, trying to do them all
will just put you right back where you were, overwhelmed, stalled, or even worse hiding
behind the excuse that you're busy, you're working all the time, but your business
just isn't growing.

I start the day with 1 and 2 and ask myself "What can I do today that
will/should/could make me more money, increase my traffic, or helps my business?"--
and --"What can I do today that will save me time or money?"

I like to do these first since it makes the rest of my day Gravy.

Do number 3 whenever the opportunity arises. It makes you feel good, trust me, and
how you feel is directly related to how successful you are, especially in the eyes
of the most important person you are dealing with, "you."

I still have days, sometimes,, where I don't hit all three. But more often than not,
I get them all, and the results have been great.

If my examples don't fit your situation, maybe some other Warriors could chime in
with a few of their ideas on how to take action on them.

Be well, live well, die last.


PS I printed this post out when Allen first posted it the forum and have written it here from that paper, so any spelling mistakes are mine but if you get the idea of this post and take action on it, that is all that matters. If you want to know the truth I thought the post was from Allen Says but Allen Says said he thinks it is Allen Williams.
So, my thanks to Allen!

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    Yup! There is a lot of truth in that post. It all sums down to doing something every single day.

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      That's great stuff. Very workable plan that is easy to manage / achieve.

      I do something that's a little different that most that could fit in section 3.

      Every day I actually look for WF posts that have a lot of views, but no or very few responses. The opposite of a lot of people. I read the post and if nobody has answered it, I answer it if I can. Sometimes it's a Google search, debugging a problem, or just general advice. I've been around the block more times than I care to admit and can sometimes handle the tougher, more obscure questions. So, when I can, I do!

      It makes two people feel good!

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    Great advice. I think I remember when Allen W. first posted that. I haven't seen Allen around here in a while.
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    Thanks for posting (reposting) this, Charles.

    I, too, immediately printed it out and I'll be adding a couple of things to each list and then trying to do my best to follow them!

    This post is both inspirational and practical.

    Good one, mate.
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    Great Post..I'll print and keep as a daily reminder

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      Great Post! Small steps every day...and before you know it you've walked into your Dreams!

      Thanks for sharing.
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    Ron, I haven't seen Allen around either for quite a while. He always had great posts and advice. I hope he didn't get upset about something and leave us, it would be a great loss for us all.

    Charles E. White
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