What do you think of this idea?

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Hi warriors,

My business is creating video presentations for websites. To see exactly what I do you can look a the link in my signature.

Here's my idea to try and obtain new customers. Ok, there are squeeze pages and some squeeze pages have video. However, the video is either really bad or it's a PowerPoint with voice over.

I thought about contacting the owners of these affiliates and promoting my services. Perhaps even doing a 20 second "demo" of the same presentation video they have but with me as the spokesperson.

What do you think?
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    This might absolutely work for you.
    Make a short demo and send it to them while explaining what is possible.
    Good luck!
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  • This certainly can't hurt to try. If you have a killer demo, and offer a killer price, you should get some bites.
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    I think your concept is good. Do you have any current clients that would let you use their video as a sample for future clients? If not, maybe you might want to try creating a mock-up video for your prospect and then provide them with a link to your video mock-up. If your sample talks to them about what they are selling it might get the to see the value of what you have to offer. Do the work first and then they will warm up to your sell as they watch your presentation made specifically for them.

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    Nice idea,And there are so many who wan't sales page videos.Good luck
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    Hi everyone..thanks for the feedback. I do have clients who will let me use their videos but I think taking a video from a current squeeze page and doing a 20 second sample would speak volumes.

    Would you guys suggest a WSO?

    Ron Desi
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    Sounds like a good concept. A WSO sounds like a good idea to launch it. I've had some success offering video services that way, but you should get your post count up a bit first. Good luck!
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    Yeah! This looks like a new and sound idea for me. Why not give it a try and set a workplan with your concepts. But also be sure to consult and consider your clients points to meet their expectations. Who knows, this could be bigger and something huge by the end of the year. Best of luck!
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    Your idea sounds good but it also has pitfalls. You may have to face a couple of challenges before your concept clicks. You need to understand that they have already paid a price for the video that they have already designed. I am putting myself as a prospective customer to you and how I would take it when you send me a demo video of my own. I will feel "yes , your video is good but probably i may look at it when i come out with the next product and I may not like to invest some more money on the same product where I have already completed the job" .. so it would not give you the desired result for the efforts that you put in in developing the demo video for each and every customer. Instead you can design one standard demo and send that to all customers which will give them an idea of how your video is and if your pricing fits their bill, you have a wonderful business ahead.
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      Thanks again guys for the great feedback. I think I'll craft one demo video.

      Now, I hope this is appropriate but does anyone want me to do a demo for them? Free of charge? You can use it however you like and I'll use it for selling my services. If you're an affiliate and would like me to do your video at no charge, let me know. All I ask is you keep it to 3-5 minutes so it doesn't turn into a huge, unpaid project


      Ron Desi
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    This is high-power prospecting method, so set yourself a goal/limit of how many prospects to approach this way. Try to transition to one uniform, testimonial and case study-laden presentation as soon as possible.

    And remember not to sell them so specifically on your product as the results and benefits. No one wants video, they want the opt-ins! I am not saying there is anything wrong with video, I am just saying that people buy results and benefits, not features.

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    In my opinion this doesn't sound the best way to approach the clients as they already got a video and the salespage designes. IMO you should dedicate more on offering the service for people that are going to design their salespage.
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    Good idea, you never know, send them a demo.
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      @Quahas and others. Good point about approaching those who are designing their pages. Questions, besides doing a WSO, how would I find these folks?


      Ron Desi
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    It is a good way to brand yourself.
    Good luck withi it.

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